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Pope Francis: Sacrificing His Air Conditioner…To SAVE the Planet

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Today, we got Pope Francis on U.S.A. soil for the first time, and just in time too! Nobody was paying much attention to the rest of Obama’s “Hope and Change Agenda” …good thing he had the Pope fly in and help him out

The Pope spoke in front of large outdoor crowds today in Washington D.C., and if you happened to glance at the audience, you’d have sworn he wasn’t in Washington D.C., he was in Mexico City.

Historically it was a sort of miracle! The Pope truly IS god, when he can change an English speaking nation to a Spanish-speaking nation…with the wave of his papal hand! Thousands of Mexicans must live in D.C., they were all there. All they needed was the Miami Sound Machine and Pit Bull.

The merging of Mexico and the United States was just given the Pope’s blessing, in fact, I’m not sure America was there at all.

Are we having fun yet? Do we all wonder if Obama and the Pope will fundamentally change the American country into a Spanish nation? If you are Catholic then FOX (BUSH) news was where you were at today….the BUSH/FOX station had full coverage of the basically Pope Mass today, which was more like a Papal endorsement of Agenda 21. It was basically a performance for the illegal’s and Chinese, and disabled, and blacks…everybody but the white Americans who the Pope just informed must once again open their hearts and have mercy on..the Pilgrims (Illegal’s) and I guess the drug lords that come with it…Pope picture

AND SHARE THEIR WEALTH!  Right down to our underwear and socks.

And HOW is America going to support this mass wave of pilgrims? Why…with a global warming tax silly!

The Pope truly wants to stop pollution…and how else are you going to pay for all the trash left by the millions rushing into the country? China is not going to keep buying our trash.

Not that I didn’t see a few white faces in the crowd. There are still good Catholics in the world, but you have to wonder, how do THEY feel about being asked by their Pope to house, feed, educate, and basically forgive (the murderers, gays, abortionists, etc) just because he says Jesus wants him too?

All the pomp and circumstance is a bit much for me. …as it was for the country’s founders. Still, if you like that sort of thing, the Pope is your man.  And the Pope wants you to endorse climate change.

To show his support, he got around in a tiny fiat car…he turned off that polluting air conditioner…bless his heart.

But…you have to ask yourself…does the Pope REALLY believe that riding in his iitty bitty cars while in America, with the air conditioning turned off because he doesn’t want to put pollution into the air, that his one little act would offset the millions of cars, buses,  and airplanes  that are coming to see him?

How much does that big Airbus that flies him around the world pollute?

The Pope, like many of his fellow elites ,truly believe they don’t have to play by the same rules.Pope and Obama three

You have to pay big time, but I really need this airbus because I’m special.”

And THAT’s how ALL elites think, including, yes..the elite Pope.

Jesus, he is not.

On top of that, while he wants to help the poor, he doesn’t think twice about breaking the bankrolls of cites all over the world who have to hire extra security that cost already bankrupt cities millions upon millions of dollars just so the Pope can ride around in his little car and show the world, that he is doing his part for global warming…by not running his air conditioner.

With an itinerary that includes three cities in six days, the upcoming papal visit to the United States will mean huge logistical and security costs. Philadelphia plans to be all but locked down for the two days Pope Francis is in the City of Brotherly Love. New York and Washington are imposing their own restrictions, along with a heavy police presence from Central Park and the United Nations to Capitol Hill.

Think of all the homeless a city could feed if he had just sent an email message.

You can’t blame the guy for being the typical business man and going out for more Catholic converts in the Unites States by wanting the whole world to flock here, but you CAN blame him for putting the expense of feeding all those mouths on us.

Why doesn’t the Pope  give THEM the money and let them stay in their own countries? I don’t like being dictated to by the Pope any more than I like being dictated to by Obama…climate change is simply tyranny in disguise.

I won’t say any more about the Pope, because I happen to love people who worship in any Christian Faith.Pope and Obama two

But what I WILL say is that anybody who has read the Bible…knows that the real Jesus in the bible would probably lead his flock right into that big throne that the Pope likes to place himself on in that opulent Vatican, with all his glory and pomp and say..

“Get off.”

(He might even throw a few gold coins at his feet…)

“Only through ME can you get to the father. .”

The son of God never put himself on a throne…..why should a regular man?

(NOTE: I do not mean to offend Catholics as the people in all churches have done wonderful always comes down to the leaders, doesn’t it?)


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  1. He would make more of an impression if he “sacrificed his Fiat” and rode a bike!


    Comment by madmemere | September 24, 2015 | Reply

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