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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama VS Charlie Sheen

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have two men who really couldn’t care less it seems who dies due to their actions.

So…drum roll please: The ‘President’ Obama VS Charlie Sheen.

Let’s start with Obama: It’s going to be hard for Charlie to win this one, if you count the fact that since Obama has been president, he has armed ISIS in Syria, who then spread out in the Middle East to behead Christians and innocence everywhere…thereby making the killing machine of ISIS even more powerful and menacing the world, as we just saw in Paris.

Quite a feat for just one man.obama-iran-deal-treason

Obama’s actions, or lack thereof, in his feckless foreign policy, have made the world a more dangerous place. You have to wonder what the leaders of last year’s G-20 were thinking, but did they really believe Obama when he said he would ‘contain’ ISIS? After all, after 9/11, NATO  nations involved Article 5, in solidarity with us.

When France was attacked, Obama did not do the same. He would rather make sure all those Muslims whose lives are being made miserable by ISIS get homes in the U.S. and Europe.

He isn’t going to do a thing. How do we think France feels about that?

It wasn’t too long ago when Obama was giving the royal treatment to France’s leader Francois Hollande. Millions of dollars were spent on lavish White House parties…because Obama and François were just too buddy, buddy. Obama loved Francois taxing the rich, but how does Francois feel now that over a hundred of his Frenchmen were slaughtered right in the middle of Paris?Obama and Hollande

Obama can’t be bothered.  In fact, it can be said that the millions of Syrian jihadist that are swarming the West, with murder in their eyes, is due to his polices. He WELCOMES them all.

If they attack the White House you can be SURE Obama won’t be there, but he will declare Marshall law in order to protect himself.

On the other hand, there’s Martin Sheen, who has been having sex with just about any woman he could, and bragging about it—and now we are told he has AIDS, therefore, the loaded gun in his belt has just been putting bullets of infection in who knows how many women.

Does this make him worse than Bill Cosby? You tell me. I’ve never even watched one episode of The Cosby Show, or Three and a Half Men.Chalie Sheen

Now—any woman who has had sex with Charlie will probably start getting sick and die sooner than they might have wanted to.  If he has known this, and any of those women die, then Charlie killed them…but he’s Charlie Sheen! Nobody will care.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for this week?

The worst President ever to walk the halls of the White House.

Charlie Sheen can only dream.

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