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Don’t Worry…Be Happy….Uh…Be…Happy? Uh…Be…

Nobody Wonders

What a day, or should I say what a night….

Last night Ted Koppel was on Coast to Coast promoting his new book…Lights out:Ted Koppel

The possibility that terrorists or a hostile foreign state could take down the American power grid either by a cyber attack or by an electromagnetic pulse attack is one of those haunting possibilities that keep strategic planners from sleeping peacefully at night. In “Lights Out: A Cyber attack, a Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath,” Ted Koppel, one of America’s most experienced and best-known journalists, has attempted to show readers why the danger is real, the degree to which the authorities are unprepared and the steps we can take now to be ready when the power goes down.

Don’t worry…be happy.

I fell asleep to that, and then on the radio this morning, the host was trying to make the case that we should let all the Syrians into St. Louis, because gee…look how great the Bosnians worked out! They took jobs in St. Louis that no one would do, like being truck drives, and took over a black neighborhood that was abandoned and now made it their own little enclave, and how Syrians would add to our country because a lot of them are EDUCATED! Degrees in tech, doctors, etc..and how VERY well vetted they would all be…Syrains in St. Louis

Don’t worry…be happy.

And all I kept thinking was…right. Never mind if one of these lovely Syrians got here and did a cyber attack like Ted Koppel is warning us about, or strapped a big bomb on himself, got over to our local nuclear waste dump, and blew himself up…thereby putting the whole city of St. Louis, AND the water supply of the Mississippi into eternal hiatus.gun sense

Don’t worry…be happy.

Only to hear repeatedly throughout the day a commercial from some mom saying that the government wants us to PAY for that nuclear cleanup, and it MIGHT take forty years, and since it was going to be moved by truck throughout the state it MIGHT spill, and we the voters would have to pay millions in taxes to have it done… and we should just leave it!

Don’t worry be happy…

And then a poll saying that Donald Trump, in fact EVERY GOP candidate, would lose to Hillary in the 2016 Presidential election. (oh sure)

Don’t worry…be happy…

And now, three gunman have gone into some disabled center and shot up (no doubt killed) a bunch of people and got away. (Of course they did, they had masks on and an SUV) and my VERY first thought after hearing some white guy say on the news “We have GOT to do something about these shootings.”San bernardino

And ALL I can think of is that I have no doubt in my mind that Obama would stage a few of these gun shootings himself just to be able to do an executive order…

Would Obama do that you ask? You bet he would. If he thought he could get by with it, absolutely.

Don’t worry…be happy.

By the way, Nobody Wonderscan we get some GOOD news?


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