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Nobody Knows, What Will Happen Next….

Nobody Knows

—if the killers that massacred the poor people in San Bernardino tonight, will all be dead by dawn.Syed Farook

Let’s hope so.

—how long we will have to listen to the liberal media, go on and on wondering WHY a devout Muslim American and his brother, went in and slaughtered people at a Christmas party? It could NOT be because they were Muslims out to kill some Christians…so  why? What motivated  these people? That’s all the hosts of CNN can come up with.  Somehow they missed the headlines:



—How they missed the other clue from ISIS: “Three lions made us proud. They are still alive,” one ISIS adherent tweeted in Arabic after the shootings at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino.

—if the shooters turn out to be Muslims terrorists, will Obama continue to just treat them as simple “criminals?”

—why this place didn’t have any armed security guards?

—how long they are going to ‘milk’ this tragedy to give Hillary time to relax, and just come out with tweets against the NRA?Obama smiling at CC

And in other news:

—why Obama didn’t come home from Paris with some kind of signed Global Warming agreement, (he didn’t) and is there anybody else but me who thinks that all Obama’s calm and upbeat demeanor of the whole affair a simple cover up for what really happened..Obama got a lot of anger from other leaders for letting ISIS get so bad. That’s why he is always smiling in every picture and nobody else is.Sandy Burdger

—-how relieved the Clinton’s must be that Sandy Berger is now dead. After all, he personally stole documents for Bill in the National Achieves, and Sandy KNOWS probably at least half of the Clinton’s dirty secrets. After all, this IS Hillary’s last chance to be ‘elected.’ It was also Berger who helped the Chinese get OUR technology so that they could catch up to us, and now they can destroy us. In case you need a refresher course on this man…read here:

—Nobody knows how the new name of ISIS that John Kerry uses, Daesh, a name THAT is suppose to insult ISIS, who would no doubt take it as a compliment. It means…”One who tramples.”

And speaking of one who tramples…

—Nobody Knows how Rahm Emanuel is feeling about having the blacks in his city wanting his resignation? Does he feel betrayed by Obama? Does he feel like the President of a university who want him to be replace with a black man?

—And will he step down? (Hahaha) Is Obama deserting him?Rahm

—if Jeb Bush will ever make it pass Rubio, or Cruz, in the polls, let alone Donald Trump..

…If anybody is buying those very expensive coffee machines and if they do, are they mad at themselves because they did?

….If Star Wars is going to be a big disappointment…

….If Janet Yelled is going to raise the rate BEFORE the year is out…

….if I can stop eating pretzels.

….if Kissinger is still alive?

…what dogs really think when they are lying next to your feet.dogs asleep

My dog, just went to bed. And I think I will too. It was another sad day in America.




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