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Nobody’s Perfect: Donald Trump VS Dogs On the Stairs

Nobody’s Perfect

Okay. So Donald Trump lost by a ‘hair’ to Ted Cruz in Iowa. It’s not the end of the world as we know it…he still has New Hamphire and South Carolina.

Why did Donald Trump lose when everyone had him pick to win?

  1. Nobody in American history has been more attacked by his own party than Donald Trump. As Sarah Palin pointed out: His own party! Clearly, the elites (and that includes Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio) do NOT want him anywhere near the White House because of what he could do to the whole corrupt system of which they all feed. To me that means, he IS the guy you want.

If you TRUST that Hillary Clinton, who drew crowds of about ten people wherever she went, compared to Bernie Sanders who drew crowds of thousands, actually won in Iowa…then to trust that Donald lost to Ted Cruz, might be an error on your part. Hillary had Bill Gates to help her out.

Personally, I don’t think Donald dropping out of the last debate hurt him, I think what REALLY hurt him was when the Vets presented him with a ring of honor to wear, and he did NOT wear it. That, was noticed by every vet and Trump supporter in the nation. It was to my mind so far, his BIGGEST mistake. He should have put that ring on, at least for the rest of the program, and he didn’t. Donald…that was STUPID. Admit it and win their trust back.

  • Also, the money he raised was by all his rich friends. Not smart on his part. This wasn’t your typical fund raiser.
  • Ted Cruz, put out some really nasty ads about Trump, far nastier than anything that Trump had put out.
  • Obama as mean
  • Ted Cruz, no doubt at all, had people from the ‘elites’ helping him out…because the main focus is to get rid of Trump. THEN Cruz. Cruz will be surprised when Rubio takes the lead, or else, he will simply join the establishment when in office.
  • Trump got sidetracked into fights with everyone else, instead of delivering his message which is: we will HAVE no country.
Okay, …I’m still a Trump supporter. He’s new to dirty politics…and as you can see from this video below…Trump is a lot like some of these dogs: when you are trying out a way to get to a certain point you try all kinds of different approaches. Some of them…not well thought out.
Trump will learn. He IS our last hope, I must admit, I liked Cruz before, but his face is getting too…pandering,  and his ‘preaching’ and his metamorphosis into the typical “I will do ANYTHING to get power.” is becoming annoying.
All the rich conservative pundits who HAVE jobs and have no fear of losing them…will keep attacking Trump, and we will get Hillary or Rubio (Or Jeb) in the White House and the country will continue to slowly kill itself off. Once Trump and Cruz are gone…Hillary has the White House.
Ted should have joined up with Trump…for the country’s sake. But…he is still that 18-year- old we saw in the video, sadly, new to the fame.
In the meantime, remember…UNTIL Obama actually leaves the White House…we are all FUBARED.  And since records of history are being broken here…
Don’t be surprised if Obama hangs around a while. After all, Michael Bloomberg gave himself another term as Mayor of New York,  and not a thing happened to him.
Do you honestly think the Congress would impeach him? Do you really think the democrats would join in?
So, Donald is not perfect…but I agree with Schlafly, he’s the best hope we got.


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  1. We have a Chorkie who refuses to go up or down stairs, or through the dog door. I call her “Walnut Brain”. Our Jack Russell, however, will run down stairs without her two hind feet touching the ground. That one makes me laugh. Thanks for the funny video!


    Comment by snopercod | February 2, 2016 | Reply

    • Dogs rule! What the HECK would we do without them around to give us a good laugh?


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | February 2, 2016 | Reply

  2. Do we know anyone on this earth who is perfect? That said, Trump IS our best bet, if we’re going to save this country and the people in it.


    Comment by madmemere | February 1, 2016 | Reply

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