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Nobody Wonders How ANYBODY Can Sleep After Watching This

Nobody Wonders

Well, Miss snotty two-shoes Mrs. Gates, is so worried about Africa, and women. The ugly frog of globalism jumps out of her ugly mouth with every sentence.

Can you believe this BS? I HATE it when people lie, and she is lying and ‘selling’ her BS that she has practiced. See the open eyebrows?

That’s the ‘trusting’ look. Its in all the books of “How to sell.” Bill does it too.

Oprah came out today and said that the Africans are being basically wiped out.

Obama is worried about the DACA kids, who are now, all adults, after he finally endorsed Joe Biden.

Between the three of them they got all 3 voting sub-groups.

CLEARLY, they all have the voters in mind that they hope to get in the election: blacks and women.

And illegals. You can be sure they have ‘war’ rooms talks every day, and its not about the virus.

It’s about getting rid of President Trump and America.

Did you hear ONE concern from this elite snob, who by the way should be ARRESTED with her husband for even getting a patent on viruses that can KILL…did you hear her concern about Americans? No, it’s about the ‘bodies’ in the street in Africa!

Oh, no, she is so concerned about the ‘children’ who don’t have access to computers!

I don’t know why she is worried about them. American schools are at the bottom of the list of nations.

They’ll learn more at home. At least they won’t continue to be damaged.

This is one ugly woman, and this woman and her husband keep ME up late at night.

Fauci is part of the Gates taking over the world by vaccines group. If I got this virus I would take my chances with Hydroxychloroquine before I got that vaccine.


Here he is with George Soros, Rockefeller, Bill Gates planned parenthood Dad.This picture was taken YEARS ago.

Yesterday with the President, Fauci was all “Oh shucks, you people didn’t understand what I said,”

And today, he was on CNN saying that Trump should NOT open up and let people go back to work. No, let them die by suicide and starvation.

This is all about making Gates even richer.

President Trump CANNOT fight these people alone. They are willing to destroy America, they are evil.

Pure evil. Clearly, standing next to the devil everyday would wear anyone down.  To this Nobody, the facts seem clear; they help develop the virus, then they released it with the help of their beloved China, and now they want the New Global World to be saved by our last pennies, and their vaccines.

They want to be known as the couple who saved the world. (And that vaccine will only be free to probably Africa.) Oh, on top of that Gates wants the mark our hands with digital points to let everyone know if we’ve had it!

Think of the control they could have over your life if you never got sick. They could keep you from going anywhere, getting any job, we’d become China, with Gates at the helm.

We can starve, but oh those poor women in Africa, who by the way, probably won’t get it. They’ve already been vaccinated for Malaria. Maybe that was part of the plan too.

Get some sleep Mr. President. (He looked so tired today.) And know, WE ARE STILL OUT HERE.  We will not go down without a fight.

Bill and Melinda Gates, should go down in history as trying to not save the planet, but destroy it for their own selfish $%& up egos.

Even Attila the Hun had some mercy. Not these two.

They are PERFECT for each other. Both flakes off the upper crust.

Excuse while I go try to calm down. I’m taking a sleeping pill tonight. I have to get that speech out of my mind…

Sorry…I almost feel bad about posting it.


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