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Nobody Flashes BANNED video

I’m having a ‘sick’ day, maybe it’s because I watched this video.

It’s being taken off the web as I write this, so if you like me want to know what’s happening…this explains alot.

It also explains WHY we keep being forced to watch people puking their guts out on all our TV/Cable movies.

THAT’s the new release…and it has a name….

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Nobody Wonders How ANYBODY Can Sleep After Watching This

Nobody Wonders

Well, Miss snotty two-shoes Mrs. Gates, is so worried about Africa, and women. The ugly frog of globalism jumps out of her ugly mouth with every sentence.

Can you believe this BS? I HATE it when people lie, and she is lying and ‘selling’ her BS that she has practiced. See the open eyebrows?

That’s the ‘trusting’ look. Its in all the books of “How to sell.” Bill does it too.

Oprah came out today and said that the Africans are being basically wiped out.

Obama is worried about the DACA kids, who are now, all adults, after he finally endorsed Joe Biden.

Between the three of them they got all 3 voting sub-groups.

CLEARLY, they all have the voters in mind that they hope to get in the election: blacks and women.

And illegals. You can be sure they have ‘war’ rooms talks every day, and its not about the virus.

It’s about getting rid of President Trump and America.

Did you hear ONE concern from this elite snob, who by the way should be ARRESTED with her husband for even getting a patent on viruses that can KILL…did you hear her concern about Americans? No, it’s about the ‘bodies’ in the street in Africa!

Oh, no, she is so concerned about the ‘children’ who don’t have access to computers!

I don’t know why she is worried about them. American schools are at the bottom of the list of nations.

They’ll learn more at home. At least they won’t continue to be damaged.

This is one ugly woman, and this woman and her husband keep ME up late at night.

Fauci is part of the Gates taking over the world by vaccines group. If I got this virus I would take my chances with Hydroxychloroquine before I got that vaccine.


Here he is with George Soros, Rockefeller, Bill Gates planned parenthood Dad.This picture was taken YEARS ago.

Yesterday with the President, Fauci was all “Oh shucks, you people didn’t understand what I said,”

And today, he was on CNN saying that Trump should NOT open up and let people go back to work. No, let them die by suicide and starvation.

This is all about making Gates even richer.

President Trump CANNOT fight these people alone. They are willing to destroy America, they are evil.

Pure evil. Clearly, standing next to the devil everyday would wear anyone down.  To this Nobody, the facts seem clear; they help develop the virus, then they released it with the help of their beloved China, and now they want the New Global World to be saved by our last pennies, and their vaccines.

They want to be known as the couple who saved the world. (And that vaccine will only be free to probably Africa.) Oh, on top of that Gates wants the mark our hands with digital points to let everyone know if we’ve had it!

Think of the control they could have over your life if you never got sick. They could keep you from going anywhere, getting any job, we’d become China, with Gates at the helm.

We can starve, but oh those poor women in Africa, who by the way, probably won’t get it. They’ve already been vaccinated for Malaria. Maybe that was part of the plan too.

Get some sleep Mr. President. (He looked so tired today.) And know, WE ARE STILL OUT HERE.  We will not go down without a fight.

Bill and Melinda Gates, should go down in history as trying to not save the planet, but destroy it for their own selfish $%& up egos.

Even Attila the Hun had some mercy. Not these two.

They are PERFECT for each other. Both flakes off the upper crust.

Excuse while I go try to calm down. I’m taking a sleeping pill tonight. I have to get that speech out of my mind…

Sorry…I almost feel bad about posting it.


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What do AARP & Alex Jones Have in Common?

Nobody Cares

You might not be aware of WHY Alex Jones has been banned by Twitter, Youtube, and various other liberal sites…you of course are too busy with your life to even care.

Aren’t we all?

But, the important fact is: Alex Jones, more than any other pundit, has been trying to warn the world of what the “elites” have planned for us all. And he’s been doing it for over ten years.

Alex has been warning us about the U.N. mostly secret “Agenda 21.” (See link.)

Most people think: Oh silly. That’s just a U.N. dream. Don’t worry. Be Happy. But our progressive global elites have already been trying to implement this in every American city…they just don’t talk about it.

Most Americans are unaware that one of the greatest threats to their freedom may be a United Nations program known as Agenda 21. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development created Agenda 21 as a sustainability agenda which is arguably an amalgamation of socialism and extreme environmentalism brushed with anti-American, anti-capitalist overtones.

It’s a rather long and arduous process…this manipulation of the world’s population, but in a nutshell, they want to put all people in the cities, and get rid of all the cars. Everyone will live in very little units, and will walk everywhere, eat crickets with barbecue sauce, and share bathrooms. I suppose then, we will have sex with our robots. And every house will have an Alexis to record our every word.

Hey, think I’m crazy? Here in Missouri, the University of Columbia has put an Alexis in every dorm room…How “cool” is that?

If you think this all sounds silly…one of the most ‘trusted’ organizations in America, is getting us ‘old’ folks ready:

In the latest AARP issue, they predict a WONDERFUL future:

1. Electric Bikes will fill cities! Traveling by bike will no longer mean arriving at work with a sweaty shirt. Urban bike sharing systems will be stocked with electric-powered bicycles with regenerative technology that charges their batteries while the rider coasts. The technology will expand bike sharing to a broader group of commuters, including older Americans. Bike shares will be tied in with other systems. A universal fare stored on a smart phone tat works on buses and subways will also rent a bike.

2. Why do we need autonomous cars? The push to create more livable, all-encompassing downtowns has the potential to lessen the need for vehicles. The future of walking is the future of mixed use development, which is the future of bringing more attainable housing into our city centers.

3. Bill De Blasio, New York City Mayor says: “YES it will be safe!” Even to the older people who make up a disproportionate number of pedestrian fatalities.

4. Electric powered aircraft will open new, more affordable ways of flying shorter regional routes.

I don’t know about you: but I LIKE my autonomous car. I like my back yard. I don’t WANT to walk in the snow, the ice, the rain…dodging crazy people on bikes. I try to do that now at my local park, and its insane. I want to be able to get in my car, blast my radio, with my heater on, or my air conditioner, and drive wherever the Sam Hill I want.

And, we won’t even go to discussing ‘electric’ airplanes.

Sorry Hillary, THAT is what is called going backwards.

What we DO know is clear, Agenda 21 is being put on steroids…because if AARP is starting to push it, you KNOW why they must get rid of Alex Jones.

Something tells me, when the time comes…Alex Jones won’t be sent the obligatory AARP card.

So, what do AARP and Alex Jones have in common?

More than you might think.

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Have YOU Seen a Wolf Lately?

Nobody Knows

It wasn’t too long ago that my friend Pattie and I visited the Wolf Sanctuary here in St. Louis. I was shocked to learn there that wolves were considered extinct, and not many of them were left. Or so we were told. We were told that just about every wolf was tagged and known, and that at the sanctuary, they CONTROLLED the breeding of the few they had left on the premises. Somebody somewhere, I thought, thinks wolves are dangerous…and we are better off with less. (The lady there told us…it was the government orders to keep strict control of the wolves.)

Not that I agreed. because, they told us there that no wolf has ever attacked a man. Ever. These people acted like they were ALREADY extinct.

In fact, we were told that many wolves are on the endangered species. Since every year, we hear people complaining about the over population of deer (And baseball players have a habit of hitting them with their SUV’s)  I could not for the life of me figure out why we shouldn’t be bringing BACK the wolf.

Now…imagine my surprise when I saw THIS video.

I’m not sure whose telling the truth. We are either sorely deprived of wolves, OR we have so many, that the UN elite morons are really excited because they can grab the land the wolves are on and declare it off-limits to people. So therefore, the people at the Wolf Sanctuary were keeping a deep dark government secret. They don’t want the public to know how the wolves are going to be used to take their land, and push them into little city apartments.

Coyote’s on the other hand…have moved into Chicago, and Nobody much cares about them. Maybe it’s because they are Cubs fans, and if you have ever MET a Cubs fan, you would understand why they would love coyotes roaming around Wrigley Field.

On a good note (and since it’s a full moon) I saw a real live wild turkey, a really BIG guy, walking along beside a very crowded highway on my way to Thanksgiving dinner with my son. He walked just a few hundred yards away from the highway, as though he did it every day…and it was Thanksgiving.

Now THAT’s bold. No wolves around here.

We were going about 50mph, surrounded by other fast-moving cars… and there I was yelling …. “LOOK!! A Turkey! A Wild Turkey! OMG!”

You can tell I don’t get out much.

It was either a sign from God (I love signs) that even turkeys like me won’t get shot while getting fat and sassy, or the Wolf sanctuary is right…otherwise…how did that turkey get so big?

So, let me know. If you have seen a wolf in your neighborhood, please tell me. I really have no clue. The only wolf I have seen is the little red fox down the street from me, and the ones I write about every day in Washington…

Maybe I should get a few chickens….

I know…and YOU thought I was going to talk about Susan Rice.

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Nobody Reports on Agenda 21

Nobody Reports

Glenn Beck has released a book about Agenda 21.  Not many people are paying attention to it, but it’s bona-fide evil, and Obama and Hillary Clinton are about to sign on to it. And legally, they can, because they just need the Senate’s help…and they have filled it with obedient Democrats.

This video shows you a bit of what is in Agenda 21. The United Nations plans to control the world and everybody in it, and America will be told to hand over its soverignty to the U.N., which as you know, is filled with people that hate us.

Some of this is already happening. Nobody Knows how much of it will be implemented in the next four years, but you can almost count on at least some, if not most of it, being done.

Unless of course, we go to WWIII—and some say, it has already started.

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