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Nobody Knows How Many of Trump’s Cabinet Liked His Speech

Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows who wrote this wonderful speech for President Trump, but it’s clearly all his ideas and he delivered it with great eloquence. He spoke with clarity of the danger of socialism, Iran, North Korea, globalization, and how every nation should be ruled by its people, and represent it’s people.

Nobody will say that it was better than anything Obama ever said at the U.N….accept the other great speaker of truth and humanity: Netanyahu…who said this:

“In over 30 years of my experience with the U.N., I never heard a bolder or more courageous speech,” Netanyahu tweeted, “President Trump spoke the truth about the great dangers facing our world and issued a powerful call to confront them in order to ensure the future of humanity.”

Netanyahu had the same grin on his face as I did.

But, he must have been the only one smiling….

Syrians…not happy.

Palestinians…not happy.

But…John Kelly?
“Oh no. I TOLD him not to say that.”

Bush is not going to like this.

I CANNOT believe he didn’t listen.

Okay, Nobody really Knows what these people were thinking during the speech+— But, it seems, nobody in the room liked the speech except Netanyahu and the American people. And the looks on his own people’s faces are enough to tell you, they have been trying desperately to control him.

And they couldn’t. The reaction of the Venezuelans was:

“This is a racist and supremacist theory he’s exposing,” said Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza.

Bravo, Mr. President. You got the right reaction from Jorge. I think we should all tweet…

“Venezuelan Lives Matter!”

I thought President Trump gave a GREAT speech: John Adams would be proud.


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Obama–Our First Madman

Nobody Wins—

When the leader of your country basically says “$%& you” and puts Muslim sympathizers into power, it’s a hard pill to swallow. And yes, it’s time now to start being scared.

He appointed Susan Rice to be by his side today and run the “world”, and now she doesn’t have to testify about Benghazi. How convenient. I once said that I thought Obama was having sex with Susan,  (there I said it, can’t prove it, but she is always around him, it’s just an opinion) Not that it matters. Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Bill Clinton all had their mistresses, it’s just that Obama has given his power. Obama and Rice

Just in case you are thinking that Obama is still a nice guy, today he proved to the country, that he will continue to do whatever he wants. He can let Americans die, (Benghazi )  and even kills them if he likes. (drones) Today in two devastating blows to the country, he appointed Susan Rice to be his National Security Advisor and Samantha Powers to take her job at the U.N.

As you see in the video, Samantha would have no problem with America sending forces into Israel.

Power’s advice to the President would be to alienate the American Jewish community and invest in Palestine. She said she wants the US to establish and pay for a mammoth protection force for the Palestine State though she was opposed to doing the same in Iraq.

Samantha Power is married to Cass Sunstein, former regulatory czar. Sunstein once said that animals should have court-apponted lawyers to protect their rights. He is a big fan of the UN Bill of Rights which would destroy our Bill of Rights. In his Bill of Rights, everything becomes an entitlement. Everyone is entitled to a car, a house, a vacation, and so on, without necessarily working for it.

Obama is establishing a dictatorship, backed by communists, and Muslims.

And we ain’t see nothing yet…our only hope is the House. Soon, he goes to join Merkel in Berlin, and I’m not sure the world is ready for our Madman.

Yes, finally, America has her first Madman.  And it’s just been declared, by the half-wit psychological liberal fraternity that half of America is mentally disturbed.

And I bet you can guess which Americans Obama thinks those are.

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Beware: The Women of the U.N.

Nobody Reports

Okay…just so you know…anyone who thinks that the elites are really just stupid idiots who couldn’t plan a walk outside their pool house, and that’s why conspiracy’s theories about them all getting together to take over the world, are just hogwash…might want to watch AND listen…to this lady.

While she doen’t really lay out specifics, her goal is clear: Take control of all the money. Period. It should be done tomorrow, but darn it, it’s just going to slow.

The United Nations is meeting in Qatar to negotiate a “complete transformation of the economic structure of the world,” explained Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) at a Monday press conference.

“What is occurring here, not just in Doha, but in the whole climate change process is the complete transformation of the economic structure of the world. It should happen much quicker, but it cannot happen overnight,” she added.

I thought, that in my lifetime—that I would NEVER observe a woman who frightens me more than Hillary Clinton..but, she’s here. The ending of Christiana’s speech is the scariest part. I would say “Enjoy” but…you would think I’m mad.

The women of the U.N.–are scarier than California Zombies attacking New Yorkers Christmas shopping, on a moonless night.

Now, if ONLY we had a vaccine…



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Nobody Wonders About Susan Rice

Nobody  Wonders

Okay…so she lied. So what? What’s important is finding out who did this crime right?

Lies. Get use to them.

President Barack Obama LOVES her. When Susan Rice is attacked, he goes for the throat…ATTACK ME! He wants her to replace Hillary with his right hand favorite…mistress…I mean, cabinet member

Susan Rice, even more than Obama, came from privilege. Raised in Washington, D.C., her father was a Cornell University economics professor and the second black governor of the Federal Reserve System.  And that meant that Susan got all the affirmative action help she could get her hands on. She went to Stanford with a Truman Scholarship, was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, and attended Oxford. She has degrees in history and D. Phil. She is a Brookings Institution fellow, served on the National Security Council, and as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs for Bill Clinton.

In other words, she, like Obama, has been groomed for power, most of her life.

Having never worked in Africa or had any prior work experience on the continent, she was promoted to become Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs from 1995 to 1997. Previous holders of that job had YEARS of experience.

As we now see with the complete lack of experience in anything…Susan fits right in with Obama in that, along with the fact that she played basketball in college. Oh…and it was Susan Rice who convinced Bill Clinton NOT to take bin Laden when Sudan offered him.

Sudan offered to turn Bin Laden over to the US and that Rice was central in the decision not to accept the offer, On July 7, 1998, while serving as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Rice was a member of an American delegation to visit detained Nigerian President-Elect Basorun M.K.O. Abiola. During this meeting, Abiola suffered a fatal heart attack.

Thanks for that Susan.

Obama has made her position as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations,  upgraded to cabinet level. Rice is the second youngest and first African American woman US Representative to the UN.

But…she lied….because it was important for everyone to believe that Obama…has gotten rid of all evil Muslims.

On September 16 Rice appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation to state that “we do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this [attack] was premeditated or preplanned,” adding that “we’ve decimated al-Qaeda.”

Yes, not only did she blame a video, she said that Obama has decimated al Qaeda” So she lied…and when Obama is your boss, it’s not only forgivable, it’s worth..a promotion.

If you ask me, (and nobody has) they are also having an affair…but of course…that’s just me. Nobody else cares.

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Nobody Reports on Agenda 21

Nobody Reports

Glenn Beck has released a book about Agenda 21.  Not many people are paying attention to it, but it’s bona-fide evil, and Obama and Hillary Clinton are about to sign on to it. And legally, they can, because they just need the Senate’s help…and they have filled it with obedient Democrats.

This video shows you a bit of what is in Agenda 21. The United Nations plans to control the world and everybody in it, and America will be told to hand over its soverignty to the U.N., which as you know, is filled with people that hate us.

Some of this is already happening. Nobody Knows how much of it will be implemented in the next four years, but you can almost count on at least some, if not most of it, being done.

Unless of course, we go to WWIII—and some say, it has already started.

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Dick Morris Warns Us About the UN

Nobody Reports

It’s taken me a long time to trust Dick Morris— After all, he helped put Bill and Hillary Clinton in office. BUT after reading his books, and listening to him time and again, I think he really is a true patriotic American. This is a very important video that everyone should watch.

Nobody Thinks it’s possible to get back our freedoms…but if they take our guns…we might as well be Greece.

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Simon Says: WAVE OBAMA!


When this picture first came out…everybody thought it was photo-shopped. After all who in the world would do such a adolescent thing?

Comes to find out…our President!

So, who was he waving at?

Hi World! I just made a really fantastic speech here…did you hear it? I know, I’m in the middle again, and it was not easy to get here either. The lady next to me kept standing on my foot. I want you to know, that I did not photo-shop my birth certificate as they say…no..this is proof. Everyone is going to fight over whether I’m REALLY in this picture..because I look so fake! See! Something can look fake and it’s actually real! So are a bunch of fools because that birth certificate is just as real as me standing here waving at cha! Ask that guy in the front row…he knows.  Besides…here at the United Nations, I am the best and only hope for the world. I follow the just and equal Charter of the U.N., and hey—all I have to do is pay for a few more hotel bills. Oh…and that guy behind me is just another gook. These people really need me, and there are rumors that I  might get the head job here if the elections don’t go so well. As President of the U.N. I will be able to get rid of that pesky Netanyahu who keeps trying to tell me Jewish history. Really. As if I don’t know.

 Okay, so he looks like he is saying “Hi mom!” Don’t be fooled. He was probably waving at somebody he wanted to catch up with, forgetting that he would spoil the picture because to Obama…he IS the picture.

Either that or someone yelled out, “Hey Obama..WAVE!” And they caught the picture just to mess up his day! And that is why everyone else in the picture is laughing, because he is so stupid, he did it. Like when as kids you played Simon Says:  Without saying Simon Says first.

Hey Obama…WAVE!

And he did. Photographer…wins!



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