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Nobody’s Opinion

It’s worse than we thought.

We are at full-scale war with China. China now, is out to destroy the United States.

The final military aspect has not been implemented yet. Timing is essential. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out, that right now, China IS controlling not only our country, but much of the world. Remember, thousands of Chinese soldiers are training in camps in Canada and Mexico.

And it’s really right in our faces, except BECAUSE the whole media, except for a very few, are actually being used to promote billons of people all over the world…to Obey, to feel great guilt if they don’t comply with wearing masks, not gathering in big crowds, and by releasing a virus, and controlling the propaganda, people ARE easily controlled by the World Health Organization, which Fauci, who is pretty much Xi’s Goebbels. Fauci AND Gates were both involved in Wuhan and the development of this virus AND the vaccine. You could say, Trump unleased the dragon in China by daring to stop them. Like a wounded animal, this evil leader of China, spit fire with full vengeance. The time was right. Releasing that virus destroyed Trump’s great economy. And most of the world’s.

Here are a few rather obvious facts that no one dared to admit.

  1. For the FIRST time in American history, a duly elected, very popular President was run out of office. We are told it was the democratic party that kept after him, but who benefitted the most from Trump’s expulsion? China. Trump put tariffs on China, called them out for the stealing, and fought against them. The democrats did ALL they could to help out the Chinese. Pelosi, Schumer, all bowing before BLM on the floor of the Capitol, and who were they REALLY bowing to? China. CHINA….Who has used the ‘colored’ revolution in their own countries. If you doubt that, remember, Feinstein had a Chinese spy work for her for over twenty years. McConnell’s wife, works with the Chinese military and all the ports. Zuckerberg is married to a Chinese women. Bill Clinton gave North Korea, who in my nobody opinion is just China’s Rottweiler, material to build his nuclear arsenal. Bill Clinton gave China the technology to be able to send missiles far enough to hit any city in the United States. In fact, in a recent video, a Chinese professor bragged that China had the American leaders in high positions on their payroll. Because of their huge market, they also have most of our international companies bending the knee to whatever they demand.
  2. The election was basically controlled by the dominion machines in China. They had put all their major chess pieces in the right place, and worked diligently to steal the election. The democrats did their part with mail-in ballots and late night trunkful’s of votes. Even the Supreme Court is ruled by China.
  3. Joe Biden is ruled by China. Nobody investigated his son’s billions made there. A drug addict bought and sold, with a father they helped place into office. Then the false flag attach on the capitol gave them the excuse they needed to put all of Washington D.C. under a barbed wire fence. The American patriots are now the enemy. White people are now made to bow with knee to the blacks, and Chinese who we are told, will rise to glory.
  4. They fostered in our schools that our Constitution is bad, and with the help of Hillary and Obama, again, the Patriots were made to think that our founders and our way of government doesn’t work. In fact, the democrats made SURE nothing worked. Statues were torn down.
  5. Again and again they connected Trump with Putin. Putin, for all he is, doesn’t want to ruled by China either. So, how clever is that? Take out two birds with one stone. Biden is doubling down saying it was Russia that interfered with the election. Another lie fostered by…China.
  6. They have taken over so much of Congress, that Congress goes along with just about everything. Spending us into oblivion is just another way to take us down. 9% to you…the rest of the world gets the other trillions.
  7. Drugs from China, poured into our country, killing more people than the Covid EVER did. The British did that with China, and payback is a bitch.
  8. Communism, and it’s danger, has NEVER been taught in any of our schools. When did that stop?
  9. More people work for the government than not. And they get paid 3x more than the private sector than the ordinary citizens. Think about it: If half the people WORK for the government, then the other half can’t take it over. If the government people join the private sector, they will lost their great benefits. The STATE wins.
  10. For years, blacks were put into ghetto’s.
  11. Now a new slave labor is being forced upon America to serve the great new Crony/capitalists country clone of China. Already we are seeing Chinese in every movie, commercial, and with the recent killing of the Chinese ‘massage’ workers, all the democrats came out to demand the Chinese attacks stop. What Chinese attacks? Who ordered this? China.
  12. The recent summit in Alaska, was a picture of who controls Biden. They treated the ambassadors like hated dogs. And yet, Biden was proud.
  13. The governors of California (Pelosi’s nephew) and Cuomo in New York, have helped destroy the BIGGEST economies in the the United States, not to mention as many people, (Older people) as they could. Texas is next. TEXAS IS important, or the ports, and the military. China is buying land there. If Florida doesn’t bend, something will happen.
  14. They are working with Iran, and the Muslims. Biden destroyed our oil supremacy, which also weakens our military.
  15. The virus also got them back Hong Kong, which was trying so hard to fight them. BEGGING us for help. Trump’s hand were tied.
  16. Bill Gates, a Chinese lover, has bought up most of our farming land. NOT a good sign.
  17. Who benefits from the solar energy and windmills? China. Not only do they NOT work, (as we just saw in Texas) it also weakens again, our country. You can’t fight a war without energy. That’s one of the reason the Germans lost. They couldn’t get fuel for their tanks.
  18. And most of all, ALL our leaders but a few, refuse to fight back. Kissinger had a lot to do with this, but that’s another blog.
  19. Okay, I could go on much more, but you get the drift.
  20. Oh…one more thing. All this promotion of gays, women’s rights, abortion, etc. and wars taking our men, and now police. They MUST get rid of the fighting men. Tell me…who benefits?

Now, they are trying to get rid of Cuomo in New York. Yang, a communist, is running. Beware of people running with conservative ideas to get in power, because they are not always what they seem. How MANY times have we heard patriotic declarations from politicians (Pelosi I think holds the record here) only to tear up the Constitution.

The ONE thing they need to do is to get our guns. And I think they have to do that soon. Because if Bannon is right, they will make a move on Taiwaon. which makes most of OUR computer components.

So, while the democrats and Rinos are getting the blame for tearing up America, NOTHING happens to any of them. Sound like a republic to you? President TRUMP, NEVER got a day in court, a strong part of our constitution. And every law he passed, they have destroyed.

Not to mention, we are all being monitored like sheep. AND cencored, AND made to feel our own shame.

Sure while an oligarch of democrats and CEO’s and RINOS all get rich, (Or are threatened as we see so many of our Congressmen beat to a pulp.) Everyone is blaming…the left. How convenient for China.

The REAL benefit…goes to China. Who has said, they want to rule the world.

Did Daddy Bush, really think that he and the globalists could conquer China? Did George W. REALLY think he could turn Iraq and Afghanistan into a western democracy? Or was it all along, about the drugs?

How do you destroy a nation? Destroy it’s fighting men, it’s economy, it’s people, it’s history, and it’s will to fight.

But in the end we have only to blame our own leaders, for selling us out.

(Okay, back to my ice pads.)

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  1. Russia wants to rule the world just like Hitler thought he could try to March a army down our streets it spells defeat for them don’t even cause you will die goodbye


    Comment by Anonymous | March 20, 2022 | Reply

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