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Nobody Wins When China Rules the World

Nobody’s Wins…

It didn’t dawn on me until I listen to this speech of Boris Johnson at the Global Climate Summit in Glasgow exactly what was going on. Here we have the very highest leaders of the ‘deep state’ the English Pilgrims Society, top of the New World Order of globalism, obfuscating with great masterful words of fear: We are one minute to midnight, and it’s NOW, that the richest nations, (meaning America) must hand over their trillions to save the planet.

What? Why does the WEST have to pay for the planet’s misery? Prince Charles wants the multinationals companies to fund the great reset, because they have trillions and the governments, and leaders NEED to keep those taxes for themselves. (See video below)

Why, Miami might disappear! Didn’t Al Gore already say that in 2000? Yeah, he did. Look at the facers of the people listening to this speech, because THEY know the game, it’s all about the one world control put in the hands of global corporations and a handful of very rich oligarchs at the top.

Okay. Just another speech trying to get everyone to hand over their money. But then, Mr. “I’m really Paul McCartney in disguise” Boris, BLAMED the whole mess on…Western Civilization. Yes, because it was OUR fault that coal and fuel and cars AND COWS, were destroying the planet. Therefore we need to ‘make the rest of the world green’ and pay for it.

WE are to be punished. It’s James Watts fault. All his fault. And the cows in America…not India. Those cows don’t fart.

It was then that I thought…wait? What’s this nonsense that the West has destroyed the world, therefore ALL cars must be done away with by 2030, and power stations too? Madness! And that means, that solar, and wind, must now be put into place all over the world. That’s words coming right out of the mouth of Communist Mr. Ping.

It’ was at that moment that it all made sense to me. CHINA…is taking control of the world. Just one last push of the petal, and it will own us all.

And they’ve bought just about every leader— most all of them now bows to China’s demands. Here you have Boris bowing to the Chinese, who didn’t even show up and don’t have to obey any of this.

Then I thought: With the help of Fauci, they released the viruses, and came in with the vaccine. As Putin has said, they are using the Bolseviks old communist plans to destroy the West. Putin, has been attacked as much as Trump. I don’t think Putin wants the Chinese to rule Russia do you?

And THEY OWN OUR PREISDENT. Biden is doing everything possible to weaken America for the takeover. Frankly, I think they owned Obama AND Bush. They all have great connections to the four banks that rule the dollar, which goes to Wall Street and the Bushes, Clintons…probably most of Congress.

Biden, works for China. Day one he shut down our oil supply. Why did the Nazi’s lose? They couldn’t get energy for their trucks and planes. You destroy the world’s energy, they will NEVER be a problem to you, and you win. And Climate change will destroy Western civlization. Good for who?

China. China will still have gas.

How are they destroying us? With drugs, with the invasion at the border, and the vaccine mandate which WILL destroy our military, our schools, our police, our firefighters, our nurses: do I go on? China can just waltz in, no problem. Most all our companies are bowing to them. Making commercials filled with gays, and Chinese. PAY ATTENTION.

The virus had pretty much destroyed the middle class. The great engine of America. Another China advantage.

It’s as if they walked into the country and just took it over. ALL the western leaders are bowing to their demands. And you have NO idea just how many companies are in bed and take orders from China. There are HUNDREDS.

China runs FACEBOOK. CHINA runs GOOGLE. Tesla. Ford. China tells Bill Gates how to get control of our food supply, The vaccine will work with 5G to give them total control…and also to kill off many of us. They feminized our men.

China stole the last election. You think Zuckerface did that all by himself?

China owns our President, bought and sold. Which means, they have OUR nuclear codes. They got Biden to send one of three nuclear subs to their oceans and pretty much dismantled it. There is a reason Biden was delegated to the out of the usual picture at the Climate convention. America no longer can protect them.

They took over Hong Kong. Soon, Taiwan.

China owns Ford, and soon will own Disney. As Prince Charles has said: The global companies now have more money than all the governments of the world. China own so many of the democrats….they have weather wars with us. Burning forests, causing floods, this all plays into their hands. They have gotten our biggest states: New York, California, and soon, Texas.

And our Ports? The truckers have to be vaccinated to enter. Remember, our Senate Leader’s WIFE is in bed with the Chinese military, who control our ports. Funny, nobody ever talks about that.

China has declared war, and because our Congress, who have been bought and sold with stock options, and rigged elections, have sold us all out, America is in great danger.

And NOBODY is talking about it. Would you if you were them? They all pretend as if everything is normal.

Nobody Knows, just when our politicians got so greedy that they thought they could CONTROL China, and our big international companies could turn China into a democracy, but China has used their own greed and stupidly to take over the planet. The elites now are making trillions, and they are addicted to the money, and the control.

Where will all these ‘green jobs’ be that Biden keeps talking about?

Not here. Not in Britian, no, China will make all the money and China will own the world.

Nobody wins when even President Trump will not come out and say” China, is taking over the world.” And they MUST be stopped. Not even sure where he stands. Hopefully, he has a long range plan, but…Nobody Knows.

But then again, maybe the world leaders know China has the power to destroy us all, and so, they are happy just to get enough money to fly off to their private islands and let China have it. President Trump did say today that the biggest threat to the world is nuclear weapons. I suspect he knows what China can do to us.

How do we fight this? You have to acknowledge the threat first.

Will the people of the world seek freedom, or slavery? Will any of these moronic dogs of power ever admit what they have done?

Nobody Knows, but we know one thing…the Brits are back to the age of King George.

If Americans are told what is happening, they WILL put up a fight. And I think the rest of the people of the world just might join in.

And THAT’s why they claim January the 6 was an insurrection.

Sounds just like China? Yep. And that’s why Prince Charles is the NEXT top enemy of the Western world.

He’s right up there with the Pope. Maybe mom is still in WWII mentally. But the Prince? He’s King George the 2nd. And I can think of no ending to this except, listen to the speakers of the New World “Build, Back, Better” Order. They think China will leave THEM alone?

MMMmmmmmm what say you?

(Okay, as you can tell, my computer is fixed…for now. Ha.)

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