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Nobody’s Fool: AG of MO, Eric Schmitt

Not to be confused with Google’s Eric Schmitt, here in Missouri, we DO have a fantastic AG. He’s a fighter, and is running for the Senate. I only hope whoever they get to replace him is NOT a RINO. After Senator BLUNT, I’m sure we need to stand the course with my old home state of Florida. While we have progressive communists running St. Louis and Kansas City, the REST of the state is strongly conservative.

So, Nobody Knows how much the people of Missouri appreciate Mr. Schmitt. This is nothing short of the “Build Back Better” global takeover, and hopefully more states will elect men like Mr. Schmitt.

He is bound to be a tough cookie on the Senate floor, and we need more fighters for America up there, do we not?

Oh, and by the way: In case you have ‘insurance’, they are wanting to mandate that IF your loved one was NOT vaccinated before he died, you will not get the payout.

You might want to think about THAT.

From The Washington Times

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced plans to file a lawsuit on Friday against the Biden administration over its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private employers.

“I’ve been in discussions with businesses in Missouri, including a trailer manufacturing company in mid-Missouri, who say that this vaccine mandate will crush their business,” Mr. Schmitt said. “We will be on file first thing [Friday] morning to halt this illegal, unconstitutional attempt by the Biden administration and the federal government to impose their will on thousands of Missouri businesses and millions of Missourians.”

It directs large companies to require employees to get vaccinated by Jan. 4, or else pay for them to get tested weekly. Employees who are not vaccinated will also have to wear a face mask.

Under the rule, employers must also give employees paid leave for them to get the vaccines and recover from any side effects.

Employers are subject to a $14,000 fine per violation under the new federal rule.

• Tom Howell Jr. contributed to this report.

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