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It’s already starting to be a very bleak winter here. Prices on meat souring, threats of electric grids being shut down due to pipelines and tyrants running the world. The heavy boot of pain and despair seems to be coming to many of us. We had to travel all day going from store to store to find our pet’s favorite food…every store shelve empty. Lots of fattening chips and soda though everywhere.

Cars are being stolen in broad daylight here.

Houston’s youth went crazy with kids being killed at a concert. Eight Dead. Politicians banding together to continue their insanity and horror on their people.

BUT…what we can hold onto is Christmas, and innocence. It’s coming.

Sorry I sound so full of despair, but to witness Gates, KING Charles, Obama, Biden, and the vast network of tyrants taking over is…fighting one tyrant is hard enough, but there are so MANY.

How do you stop them all?

These boys are growing, but still sound like angles.

Enjoy. And Pray.

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