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Nobody Wonders: Now, You Can’t Breast Feed?

After I watched this video, (See Tweet Below) I was so angry, I wanted to jump right into it and push those ignorant police men and women off her. I would have been arrested but okay. You stand silent. You will be crushed. Humans SAW this happening in Nazi Germany. The unvaccinated are being rounded up in Australia. The lies being told about them are horrific. If you are a man, or woman, and you say “Well, I would have just watched and recorded like this person did.” Then you WILL be next. That woman was simply feeding her baby OUTSIDE and not bothering anybody. Watch it if you can. And if you don’t get angry, then God help you. You are NOT a Christian. You’re a robot.

In America, we have brave men and women losing their jobs over this tyranny. If ALL the police would just say “NO, I WILL QUIT BEFORE I HARM ANOTHER PERSON” this would stop.

Even Bill Gates ADMITS that the vaccine does not protect you from the virus. In fact, the vaccinated are the one dying now in huge numbers, and they’ve put heart meds into the vaccines for kids. This is global insanity. The vaccinated can infect and ARE infecting more than the unvaccinated. That’s pretty much a fact they are hiding. Look up Israel.

While the virus IS a bio-weapon, developed with the help of Fauci, and delivered by China, and nobody wants to get it, the logical thing to do would be to use the meds that lesson the impact, of which there are plenty, but have been purposely surpressed.

But to say that the unvaccinated should be killed…as we are hearing from many in movies and the media: Let’s just say we nonw have more than ONE Hitler: We have many.

Netflix now has a movie out in which the propaganda of all unvaccinated people SHOULD BE KILLED.

And yet? Where’s the FBI? Where are good people outraged by the “art”? Remember, Obama and Michelle are on the board of Netflix.

Let’s hope the world wakes up, stands up, and resists this insanity. This Tyranny. This unspeakable genocide.

It can only get worse….

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  1. Nothing to go on? Watch your own news stations. You have a mind, a heart, and a gut.

    If this was staged, then sooner or later that will come out, but after all the video’s I’ve seen…just the fact that YOU are questioning it shows they are doing a good job making everyone confused.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 14, 2021 | Reply

  2. What is the context of the mother and baby? The ‘tweet’ says a Court ordered the baby returned to the mother but there seems no other info. Where was this? What was the ‘retreat’? Have you any links to a fuller explanation?


    Comment by Amfortas | November 12, 2021 | Reply

    • No, but really. After all the other nonsense we are seeing all over the world, they COULD have handled this in a much more professional way. They were simply ruthless. Unless of course, she had plans to murder the baby. And according to all we’ve heard from the demons of leaders around Australia, New Zealand, Europe, here in the U.S…..I think I’ll believe my own eyes and ears.  It could be a fake…but then again, ‘retreat’? She had no rights in a ‘retreat.”? Oh, sorry. You have no right to retreat.  I get it.  What is the context of a mother and her baby. Seems the mother has no more rights, unless of course, she aborts. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 12, 2021 | Reply

      • IF that is a mother and her baby (and I have no reason to doubt) then the cops are behaving appallingly. Leave her to breastfeed in peace. IF she is in a place that is dangerous, the cops should be helping, not being bastards. And as its a female cop there are many lessons to trot out about empathy, nurturing, conflict resolution etc.

        But…. we still have little or nothing to go on.


        Comment by Amfortas | November 13, 2021

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