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Will Hillary be President or QUEEN of the World?

They say deaths comes in three: So I was thinking today, “OMG, are we going to have back to back funerals next year of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and THE QUEEN? Or maybe it will be Joe Biden.

Or will it be Kissenger? None of them look…well.

I’m not sure, but the past has shown that there’s nothing like a good political funeral to rewrite the history of tyrants of countries. I recall the MASSIVE global mourning of Princess Diana, which England milked for all it was worth, even though, by all accounts, they either had her murdered or had someone else murder her. Her job was to give the throne heirs, which she did. She was OUR JFK.

So, when the Queen dies, and she’s now stopped going to events, and Prince Charles clearly has taken over—the streets of London will be full of tears. The Global King Charles will push the world ahead with ‘Build, back, better.”

But, will there be tears for Bill Clinton? He doesn’t look so good does he? When this happens Hillary, like Cher at Sunny Bono’s funeral, will be crying crocodile tears and claiming the Clinton Presidency was the most wonderful thing since Jesus was resurrected.

Or maybe like the tabloids are printing tonight, they will be divorced and she will announce that she is gay.

So, Nobody Wonders, why has Hillary stepped back onto the stage, complete with new haircut, younger looking skin, and full blast Alinsky propaganda to SAVE THE WORLD FROM TRUMP and his supporters? She would have us all arrested if she gets in power. Just like they are doing in Australia.

Obama has been running everything right now, but I’m not the only one who thinks that Hillary wants to be coronated…as President. Nobody would elect her, but Joe could step down and she would take over and destroy us AND the rest of the world, because she is diabolically connected to being simply the most narcissist person to ever walk the halls of the White House. That woman is seriously messed up.

If you think they didn’t plan this ahead of time: Think again.

I think it’s a good possibility. And so does Wayne Allen Root. From his last rant:


Here’s my crystal ball. Democrats will demand Harris’ resignation. She’ll cite “personal reasons” or “family issues.” Then corrupt Democrat billionaire donors will give her a $25 million mansion to retire in. You’ll never hear from Harris again.

Next, they’ll name Hillary Clinton vice president.

Very quickly after that, they’ll start planting nonstop stories in the media claiming Biden’s aides see him in dramatic mental decline. After 3 to 6 months of those stories in the media, Biden will make his touching goodbye announcement and ride off to a nursing home specializing in dementia patients. And like Harris, Jill Biden will get a $25 million mansion as incentive to shut her mouth and never be heard from again.

Just like that, Hillary Clinton is president of the United States.

‘m guessing Democrats will need a black woman as vice president to diversify the ticket and lock down every last black vote in 2024. Michelle Obama, anyone?

Don’t laugh. Get ready. It’s coming. Clinton/Obama in 2024.


Remember, the goal that all these communists have is that by 2030 to have the global government intact. These words below are being shown in an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. Ask yourself, how many kids are reading this? And how many people will think, it’s a GREAT idea, and give up their freedoms?

Remember…you will own NO property, and you will be happy.


Whatever shape your world may take in the year 2000 A.D., we can all be fairly sure that it will be one world. Whether through war or through peace, the nation’s fifty years from now will have learned to enmesh their sovereignties into a single supreme authority. They will have learned to do so because, difficult as it may seem now, no other alternative exists. One world or none at all is the choice.”

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