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Tucker Carlson:Explains the Power Grab of our Guns

Nobody Cares-

If I think Tucker Carlson is a national treasure? He really is. After watching this, I am more convinced than ever that the DEEP STATE, (FBI, CIA) sets up these school shootings. I have often wondered HOW they do it, but the fact is, these events ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, happen at the perfect moments in political agenda’s, and the odds of THAT happening are very slim. And yet, in the last decades, we’ve seen it.

I was left wondering…is it just that our young are so messed up by the break up of the families, and put on meds, and play too many violent video’s, pumped up with too much caffeine and adderall, and so bullied that they just can’t take it anymore?

Well yes. BUT…recently a whisteblower from the FBI let on how they do it. They search for the kid online, the ones posting ABOUT wanting to kill, (which all of the shooters do mostly) and send in a buddy, undercover FBI agent, to edge them on. Tell them HOW to do it. Give them advice. They light the fuse. That way, there are no fingerprints leading back to our government.

I won’t go so far as to say there could be some kind of magnetic weapon which I’ve read about, but these shooter are pretty much already on the path to kill.

Sort of like how they did on January 6…inviting all those innocent people to walk INTO the capital, and later, be arrested for doing so. They used THAT as an excuse to fence off the whole place.

In other words they set it up.

Do you really think they care if kids are killed?

When you have Fauci, working with China, to design bioweapons (Gates) to kill millions of people around the globe, do you really think a few kids mean a thing to them?

They’ve GOT to get rid of our guns. They say it over and over. What do you NOT get?

The fact that most people cannot make this connection shows how the dumbing down of America has succeeded beyond comprehension.

What Tucker doesn’t mention here, is that the police were ordered to stand down. The parents were controlled. One woman was arrested, and she got them to take her handcuffs off and then she jumped the fence and went into the school and rescued her two kids.

Some of the officers went and got THEIR kids out. But the others lost theirs, because they were forced to stay away.

They GOT the results they wanted.

So this was all about gettng guns out of America. We are the last nation standing against total tyranny.

Not planned you say?

Mmmmmmm….I stand my ground. It’s my Nobody’s Opinion, and mathematically speaking, these events ALWAYS happen at the perfect time.

And by the way, all the kids were hispanic. The democrats are losing the hispanic vote. Meaning…the GOP governor will not protect them.

The demcorats think Hispanics and blacks are stupid.

Let’s hope, they keep that line of thinking up.

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