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Nobody Reports: The Truth About January 6th

I’m posting this very important Documentary because the elites lead by that Nazi Nancy Pelosi are going to be having a SHOW…putting on their “TRIALS” where it will be Hollywood propaganda and lies at it’s best.

Anyone with a brain knows that the people were baited to show up at the Capitol, and the CIA/FBI were there to ‘stage’ a fake ‘insurrection’ and then use that as an excuse to come after all and all Americans who DARE question their authority.

Everyone there that day only wanted a true count of the votes. Americans KNEW that Trump had won, and they all knew that it was rigged. As you can see from this video, it was the Capital KGB that killed, and still today, like Russia, innocent Americans are being tortured and held without their Constituional rights.

How can this be? Because President Obama passed a law saying anyone deemed “dangerous” can be arrested and held without trial, forever.

Not many people know that. Obama is behind that lovely unconstitutional rule.

So, I’m not watching the great lies that will be told soon.

But, this really should be passed around. The democrats are our enemies and they are out to get every single Conservative in America.

Let’s not…let them. Jan. 6, was the first real protest of America demanding its rights.

After all…it’s “WE THE PEOPLE” not “WE THE ELITES”

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