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The HOPEFUL message of Klaus-You will own nothing. Hopeful? Sure.

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In the last chapter of his book, THE GREAT NARRATIVE FOR A BETTER FUTURE, Klaus Schwab says this:

To a considerable extent, the solutions we find and the decisions we take to make the world a better place—more resilient, more equitable and more sustainable— depend on our willingness to enact positive change. In turn, this propensity depends on our collective capability to develop a set of narratives that install hope. Hope is vital because the loss of it means we accept our fate and give up on change:

He was talking to all the CEO’s and government leaders that attend his Davos meetings and telling them they must give people HOPE. And they must have hope that the citizens of the world buy their crap.

The elites are purposely killing the world in order to rebuild it, and so, they must give the world “HOPE” that the elites have the answers and will make the world utopia.

Right. The mantra of “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” inspires NO HOPE whatsoever that any person can live a wonderful life.

Only they can.

While they are still trying to get rid of America, Trump, and our guns, it all makes sense if you just remind youself of the GLOBAL tryants in charge. There are just too many of these suckers in power.

I still think, this might take a GLOBAL revolution to stop them.

And I’m HOPEFUL, that IS going to happen. In the meantime, they will hurt us as much as they can to get the power they seek.

This man does a great job of explaining why ‘owning nothing’ will never work.

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