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By LAW: The Punishment for Treason is…

Nobody’s Opinion

Every single day, on ALL the news stations but a few, you hear this repeated over and over and over:

Donald Trump was trying to ‘change’ the outcome of the election. To say he “won” is a lie. Democracy is at stake. He is lying about the fact that he won, and that lie is hurting our country.

The proof that Trump KNEW he lost? They post this:

A former aide claims she heard him say, “Can you believe I lost to this guy?” while watching Biden on TV. 

Right. Nobody else with a brain could believe it either and we ALL said it. It’s as common a thought as “Biden is a moron.” But Trump is NOT allowed to be a normal human. His words, his thoughts are twisted into vicious lies daily.

I’ve heard this I don’t know how many times on even the so-called conservative news stations like Newsmax, and Newsy. (HE LOST) And all these dweeby reporters say it with a straight face. They even say that President Trump wanted to hang Pence, and that he wanted Pence to declare him, President.

Heck, we ALL did. Biden won? REALLY? As the tee-shirt of the month says, ” I’m trying to see things from your point of view but I can’t stick my head that far up my ass.”

That’s not the truth. The truth is President Trump wanted Pence to send back the electors for a recount and examination to make SURE there wasn’t any mass fraud, which he COULD have done legally. So many laws were broken, more than any in American history, only a fool would deny it.

That’s not quite the same as telling Pence to declare him victory. He, like most Americans, saw the fraud in front of our faces, and frankly, we were all told NOT to believe our eyes, but that Trump was so hated everybody voted for Biden.

And if you believe that lie, and did vote for Biden, then Zombies want you for your brain.

The truth tellers are so few and far between, it’s depressing to know that millions of ignorant Americans, who really don’t know any better, are hearing this absurd statement over and over and over and one more time, and so, they believe it. After all, they all have been brainwashed by the same system.

The movie “2000 mules” proves that President Trump won the election, due to the massive amount of money spent to rig it. And most of us didn’t need that movie, although it proves without a shadow of a doubt how really massive the fraud was.

What Trump supporters (Like me) don’t understand is how President Trump could have supported Mike Pence and Bill Barr in the FIRST place. Or even Fauci. All of them were full fledged RINOS—deep state operatives from the start.

SURELY, he had more intelligence than picking them to be his top guys? And more important, will he keep doing that?

Is the oligarchy so entrenched that he had no choice? Did he do it as some long-range plan to expose them? What’s the ‘plan’ behind putting all these horrible globalists in his cabinet?

And if exposing them was the plan, it fail massively. We get sick of hearing, “No, nobody will be punished but at LEAST the American people know!”

KNOW! KNOW! WE want JUSTICE. We already know!

The Jan 6 trial going on to once again destroy President Trump, is lead by none other than global-oil daddy’s daughter Neo-con, Liz Cheney. She claims Trump wanted to ‘hang’ Pence.

And there were gallows set up to show it.

Here’s the thing, you have to go to this website to SEE the real picture and meaning of the ‘gallows’ because I was not allowed to post that picture.

Shocker: FBI Has Still Not Identified Who Set Up the Fake Art “Gallows” on Jan. 6 or Arrested Anyone Chanting “Hang Mike Pence” (

Here’s a few quotes from that article:

Liz Cheney: “You will hear the president yelling and quote “really angry at advisors who told him he needed to do something more.” And aware of the rioters’ chants to hang Mike Pence the president responded with this sentiment, quote, “Maybe our supporters have the right idea.”

This was ridiculous and hearsay. For one, no one heard about the “hang Mike Pence” chants that day. There is ONE video of this happening. We have no idea who was behind the chants or if the video was doctored. And Liz Cheney made the claim based on hearsay and opinion. It was just another Cheney lie.

Yes, they twist the truth, into lies, and then repeat them over and over and over and over….until they think the lies will become the Truth.

It’s been done before in Germany.

And if the American people don’t know treason and history when they see it, they never will.

And the punishment for treason is…?


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  1. Your logic is sound amfortas…if that is the case, then maybe he’s just really an honest guy. Thanks.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | June 19, 2022 | Reply

  2. “”What Trump supporters (Like me) don’t understand is how President Trump could have supported Mike Pence and Bill Barr in the FIRST place. Or even Fauci. All of them were full fledged RINOS—deep state operatives from the start.””

    Hmmmm. When you inherit a platoon, you have little or no idea about their abilities, but a lot of hope. It is only when they are given a task that you can see if they are on your side or the enemy’s. Both Pence and Barr appeared to be getting on with the task given. Trump did not ‘have’ a Party. He was not beloved of the Republicans. He was much more like a Ross Perot: an outsider.


    Comment by Amfortas | June 19, 2022 | Reply

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