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Nobody Knows…About Dennis Michael Lynch

I centainly didn’t know about this guy. I hardly ever watch Newsmax because I figured out that it was set up to get the audience from FOX, but it was still run by RINO’S…So I go from OAN, to Glenn Beck, to Bannon, to several others on the conservative cable networks.

I’m glad I listend to this guy. He has excellent info on how Newsmax and the conservative Cable networks are just as controlled as the left cable TV is. Of course, many don’t know that. Being as he was ‘fired’ from Newsmax, much the same way and BEFORE Tucker was from FOX, his insight into it all is excellent. He makes a lot of sensible points. Hey, I’m now a fan!

If you don’t know about Dennis Lynch, give him a listen! We need all the common sense we can get.

May 3, 2023 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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