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Will China PUT the First Trans Into the Presidency?

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I just read Kurt Schlichter’s essay on Townhall, about Michelle Obama and how she might be a threat for the upcoming 2024 election. The Michelle Obama Nightmare Scenario (

He’s a very entertaining writer:


She’s not a particularly driven woman. She’s lazy and frivolous, and she enjoys floating around the Mediterranean off Nice with adoring zillionaires on huge, environmentally unsound yachts mocking the saps who buy into the climate change hoax. Being president is a lot of work, and she doesn’t seem like somebody who really cares a lot about working. She just wants stuff, and right now she’s got stuff. Nor does Barack Obama particularly seem interested in getting back into politics. He was the one president who never seemed to like the job, and he gave the impression that he felt being president was a painful duty, proving that there’s something to like about everyone.


In the end, he wasn’t sure. But Newt Gingrich seems to think that’s who the democrats will run.

After all, they will block Kennedy’s son from even getting close. They didn’t let JFK Jr. NEAR the Presidency, that plane crash let Hillary get to New York. Do you really think the elites with all his talk of the vaccines are even going to let him NEAR the Presidency?

(Laugh here.)

Nancy’s Nephew the great ‘destroyer’ of the paradise that was once- upon- a- time California, Gavin the ‘Just don’t plug your electric car into today, or deliver your supplies with your Disel gas, or run your air conditioner or mow your lawn or take a shower…Newson…’ THAT GUY? What black person would vote for HIM? Uh…maybe that’s why they are flooding as quickly as possible millions though the borders.

Whomever they pick will have to face Trump or DeSantis.

So far, we have President Trump, whom every media including your favorite conservative pundits on radio and cable swear is hated too much, (Ignoring their own eyes, his record, and the masses who want him.) DeSantis is probably not going to get it, because of how he GOT reelected than dished his native Floridians to travel the world.

Too soon. Big mistake. If he would dish Florida, he would abandoned the United States.

Nikki Haley? Please. It’s like they threw her in there just to get women votes from Trump.

Asa Hutchinson? Who? Why? Deals made with China and Bush? Nobody would even vote for him.

Larry Elder? GOP black. Next to Michelle? Can he get Bruce Springsteen to get him up on stage?

And then there’s Vivek Ramaswory, who talks a great game, but how can you trust him? Harvard…rich tec CEO…all the background of an elitist. But still, he reminds me of Newt. Great talker, but in the end, may be a globalist.

Which brings us back to Michelle.

If you have been paying attention to the last decade, China now controls most of our politicans and CEO’s, and is waging war inside of America. If China can get Busch Beer and Disney to commit suicide, put Biden in as President,—if all member of Biden’s cabinet are gay, and China controls the United Nations, then unless Trump has a trick up his sleeve and a lot of patriots to help him fight this global takeover, then Michelle Obama WILL be the next President. Because that’s what China wants.

(Wouldn’t Hillary be pissed off?)

And then, she will come out as a trans. The first TRANS as President of the United States. You are already seeing this ‘idea’ being promoted across the internet.

China would LOVE it. The final “FU America, We win” card to be played.

If THAT doesn’t’ spark the civil they want, then nothing will.

Just saying.

Couldn’t happen?

Tell me, how’s your 401K?

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