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Arson or Climate Change? You Decide.

Nobody Flashes

I am SO glad to be in the middle of the country right now. These poor people.

Notice though, the governor (Nancy’s Nephew) says it’s caused by Climate Change, and then the reporter says it’s arson.

Somebody wants to buy up California land on the cheap…

China? Pelosi? Biden?

I just found out that Bill Gates owns a lot of stock in the landfill here that is filled with nuclear waste from WWII. And it has caused clusters of cancer in all who live in the area. Children have died. Do they clean it up?


If you THINK these elites care about you?

Then look at this video. And…think again.

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Weather Warfare…Is that the reason for Space Force?

Nobody’s Opinion

As Hurricane Dorian is about to beat up on the Eastern coast of the United States, all the usual Trump hating morons are coming out with their blatant wishes that President Trump’s Mar-a- Lago is completely destroyed. If the rest of the U.S. goes with it, so be it. To the hate filled liberals who hate Trump, complete destruction of all the people who might vote for Trump should be destroyed.  And to them, it will finally prove that God hates all Trump supporters, the United States, and most importantly of all: it will prove that global warming is real.

I couldn’t find the answer anywhere, but I don’t think any President in our history has EVER had to deal with so many hurricanes. It’s almost beyond logic. I just don’t buy it.

Think about this fact: Obama, the great climate change globalist, who swore that storms would swallow the planet had the least amount of hurricanes of any President in our history. The ONLY hurricane he did have, was Sandy, which hit the New Jersey shore in 2012, bought out Chris Christie praising his great compassion as a President, and that endorsement from a Republican helped him to win reelection  What luck. What timing. At the time I actually thought it was the gift he needed to help get him elected.

Now, think about this fact: Since Trump was elected, he has had to deal with no less than 6 hurricanes. This is unprecendented in our history. In 2017, Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana. That cost 125 billion, Then Maria, which completely destroyed Puerto Rico. Trump gave over 61 billion to the democratic governors, who made SURE that not much went to the people, and the people had to basically fill up Florida…with new voters. Maria cost 91 billion. Then Irma hit Florida, another 77 billion.

That’s three. Then there was Michael which hit Air Force bases in Florida in 2018…another 25 billion.

Already, in just two years, the costs of Hurricanes that hit during the Trump’s Presidency amount to about 342 billion and that’s not including the upcoming cost of Dorian, which might be the most of all.

Katrina, which was President George’s W. Bush’s nightmare gave the democrats a huge target for how much Bush did NOT care about the poor blacks of New Orleans. I still remember Shepard Smith pleading for help, standing on the highways.

I have always beleived that many nations have the ability to effect the weather. Russia and China do it all the time and they do it out in the open. If anybody talks about it, they are called conspiracy morons. And the U.S. would never do such a thing.

You won’t find much about it on the net. (It was hard even finding the above video.)

And while man cannot control mother nature, what he CAN do is predict when and where it will occur, and weaponize it to destroy crops, cause floods, and even, manipulate a hurricane to hit at a certain spot.

I beleive this as much as I believe that my dog’s emotions are just as real as my own.

Why do this? Well…it helped Obama. And it’s really hurting Trump.

All the time they will tell you that ‘man’ is destroying the earth. And many have admitted openly that a carbon tax is just another way for the ‘deep state’ to collect money to be redistributed. In that respect they are right.

If slaming the coast with a stage 5 Hurricane effects the voters in Florida, North Carolina, and wherever, and it can all be blamed on President Trump, then whatever happens to all the poor people who will lose everything is worth the price.

Would our own ‘elites’ do this?

Well, they’ve already flooded our borders haven’t they?

Once upon a time, Defense Secretary, William Cohen,  under President Bill Clinton said on a video that the next wars would be ‘weather’ wars.

Good luck finding that video now.

The question we have now is: Who is raging this war on us? China?

Or is it our own ‘deep state’?

Or…is it both?



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Before Hurricane Irma, There Was Donna, and My Dad

Nobody Knows

I called my best friend from childhood yesterday because of the news of Hurricane Irma.

Janet lives in Naples, Florida… the town I grew up in. We were best buds all through grade school. Funny how your grade school friends never seen to leave your heart— Right? I adored Janet because she would laugh at me whenever a horse stepped on my foot. We’d go horseback riding a lot.

“Move your big foot!” she would yell, and then laugh at my pain.

Janet lives alone now in Naples, and laughed about my concern with Irma seeming to hit. The reason being, that Naples has NOT been hit with a really powerful Hurricane since Donna.  Somehow, while Miami got Charlie, Andrew, and so many others, Naples was always spared.

Janet just laughed. “Hey, we are all used to Hurricanes down here.” She said. “And my house has all the latest Hurricane building codes.”

Janet worked all her life in real estate, so she knows a lot about the building codes.

“But hey, remember Hurricane Donna?” I said. “Naples is due.” She just laughed.

Yes, we both remembered Hurricane Donna. It was 1960, and we were both kids. I remember my father had told me that at certain points during Hurricane Donna, the winds hit up to 200 mph. At least that’s was the report, back then. The records now say that wasn’t true, but then again, my father was a X Sea-Bee and he wouldn’t make that up. He must have heard it on the radio at the time. 

I also remember my dad laughing and telling stupid jokes, as we huddled in our little tiny one-story house, to ride out the storm. He told us that he had designed the house to withstand hurricanes. And we had a big front glass window in the living room, which of course, was boarded up. He wasn’t worried one little bit. He went around smiling, all through the storm. Closing windows at certain times, opening others at certain time.

All through the rain hitting the house, and the howling wind, I secretly wondered if he was crazy.

My father spent the time putting golf balls into plastic drinking cups on the living room floor during the first part of the storm. My mother on the other hand, was minute by minute, close to hysterical.

The contrast couldn’t have been more noticeable to a kid. Which parent had it right?

You see, we watched, from my bedroom window, our next-door neighbor’s house’s roof VERY slowly, being peeled away from its foundation…and it took quite a while. It wasn’t like a tornado, no, Donna’s wind peeled that roof like it was a sweet delicious apple to enjoy. It took a good half an hour for that roof to finally fall on the front lawn.

June, the lady who lived there, was a Seminole Indian, and one of my mother’s best friends, so that’s probably why mom was unhinged…and June was 9 months pregnant.

After the roof was destroyed, we watched through our bedroom window as June, and her husband Arnie (Full blooded Italian) and their two small children, were holding on to each other, bending against the hurricane, step by step, trying to get to our house. Sometimes they got knocked down by the wind. Each step took them a good minute…. but they NEVER let go of each other. Just two people walking to our house in the middle of a Hurricane that powerful is probably one of the most amazing feats of strength I’ve have ever witnessed.

Arnie was a good 200 pounds, and he held on to his young 5 years old son’s hand, Ricky, pulling him through the air, as the kid’s feet didn’t even touch the ground, with his right hand.

With his left hand, he held tight to his wife, June, who had their little girl Lindie in her left hand, and in her right hand, she had a huge trash bag full of…food. The huge bag of canned food probably helped them all from getting blown away.

It took them a good 30 minutes to walk across the pavement to our front door, in 150 MPH winds.

I remember my mother screaming at her to put down the food! Of course, June couldn’t hear her. She did NOT let go of that bag. She wasn’t going to ask for food from my mother.

They weren’t the only people seeking refuse in our house. We had many families come from all over. I remember It took about five men just to close the front door, after they arrived. People were everywhere.

As soon as June got through the front door, she collapsed. My mother kept telling me that she was afraid that she might have her baby. She was running from room to room… unhinged.

Like I said, my mother was hysterical.

But not my dad. When the eye came he turned to my brother and I and said, “Hey, want to go outside and walk around?”

“YEAH…yes!” we said with delight. (Probably trying to get us away from June and my mother.)

Of course, when we went out our back door we saw that ALL The trees surrounding our property had been completely leveled right down to the ground. It shocked me terribly. Today I recognized that same scene from Russia being hit by a comet in Siberia. They were…really…flattened. Hundreds of pine trees, palm trees, every tree…. flattened.

But then, I saw my brother scramble up a log and start balancing and climbing, and it was FUN! We played for about 45 minutes, hopping from tree to tree, and my father kept telling us that we were in the middle of the eye, as we asked him about the quiet, and he just walked around and calmly looked at the damage.

We were having so much fun, and didn’t want to go back in, but we also knew that the storm was coming back.

Dad wouldn’t lie.

The good news is, the last hour went by quickly, and after the storm had passed, all the men in the town went out to help survivors, just like they do now. Naples had been demolished. Ft. Myers, just 30 miles north, had lost 75 percent of its buildings.

And June did not have her baby that day, but delivered another daughter two weeks later. My mother recovered.

All of Naples was rebuilt, and our house remained untouched. The trees grew back. Years later, after we had moved to Missouri, I went back to the house that I grew up in Naples, and couldn’t believe how really small it was. The house that my father designed to withstand a hurricane and that had protected a neighborhood, had a small kitchen, a living room, a carport, (which did not blow off) three small bedrooms, and one tiny bathroom, which scorpions loved to hang out in.

(Good thing my feet didn’t touch the ground sitting on the John.)

Now I’m more frightened of tornadoes than hurricanes. In fact, all through my 20’s I had nightmares about them. The lesson from Donna: Hurricanes you can plan, and survive—tornadoes, can take you by surprise.

Many times in my life, I often wondered how my dad had the fortitude to be so calm, and brave, and confident in Donna, while everyone else was in panic.

It wasn’t because of ignorance…no. He knew we would all be safe, and that’s because he prepared, and because, he had served as a Sea-Bee at Iwo Jima, and other battles in the War.

A Hurricane compared to picking up dead buddies on the beach? To World War II battles? To my dad, Donna was just a bad day in paradise.

I never saw my father sacred in his life, except one time: When his grandson came home from the hospital.

A man can be brave in war, in hurricanes, but powerless when someone he loves is ill. Look at his face here…that’s my dad, scared for the future of his grandson. 

But that’s okay, that sick baby grew up big and strong, and idolizing his grandfather.

And one more thing: I realized that my father that day gave me a great lesson in how to deal with life: stay strong, stay upbeat, and fight the storm with courage. Help your neighbors.

It’s the American way.

And I’ve always did that, in my own worst scary disasters of life.

And THAT’s why fathers are so important. They teach us more HOW to face life.

With unspoken daily courage, and a good sense of humor.

So—- good people in Texas and Florida…just stay alive. Be prepared. Be smart. And hunker down till the storm passes.

In fact, I suggest, putting a few golf balls.

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Hurricane Harvey: Operation Popeye Two?

Nobody’s Opinion

Texas is drowning tonight, and yet, MTV is doing a musical awards program promoting hatred of basically, conservatives…The President and all his supporters. You might think that the MTV Awards and the Houston flood is not connected, but I beg to differ.

They certainly are.

I tuned into the first few minutes and there was some black rapper, grabbing his crotch, and you couldn’t understand him, but then another man came out on fire and someone was said about blacks being set on fire etc., etc…

I turned it off. What crap. Right now, I’m watching Katie Perry fly through the air singing some stupid song, holding a giant basketball. REALLY bad.

Does she think that that’s going to make a hit with blacks? The Propaganda will go on. I say this BECAUSE what I’m about to claim, most Americans will consider absolutely crazy.

BUT…It’s not crazy. Watching the attacks on a legally elected President on every media outlet you turn on…that’s what’s happening before our eyes. If President Trump has done nothing else, his very existence has exposed the clear and present danger of a government gone out-of-control.

The people know exactly what he means when he talks, because we agree with him. The recent Charlotteville fights were two different groups against each other.


And yet, Ryan, McCain, democrats… all the reporters were appalled that President Trump said the truth.

The truth. Think about how scary that is.

Let me state right up front: We are now finding out, just how manipulated our news is. From the death of JFK, to the events of 9/11, to the reasons for going into Iraq, to the overwhelming protections of our Presidents who commit felonies, we, the American people, have been lied to for years.

It’s just that, sadly, most of us are just finding out about it.

I wrote about the suspicious events on 9.11. Everyone saw those buildings go down. First time in world history had buildings so tall, go down so fast, in such perfect precisions. Not to mention, Building 7, manually being destroyed.

Every story on the news was different. Even if you think President Bush did nothing, he certainly did nothing to prevent it. He had the information.

And yet, you were told NOT to believe your own eyes.

We watch in horror as Europe and is disappearing without a fight. In our own neighborhoods, we live next to Muslims and Hispanics who do NOT want to become Americans. The world is changing drastically all around us, and yet, we are told to shop, pay no attention to it.

We saw all the Bushes promote the merging of Mexico with America. They just didn’t call it that.

And now we are witnessing the terrible floods in Houston.

Let me say this again: A hurricane is one thing. That’s a natural force of nature. But weather manipulation is real. And they DO have the technology to manipulate the weather. They can make it rain for DAYS.


I think that’s exactly what’s happening in Texas.

And while you might say to me, Joyanna they can’t do that…then go watch MTV and join the “Nazi” rebellion, you’ll feel better about it all.

Anyway, I’m not the only one who suspects that Texas is being ‘flooded’ on purpose. Chuck Norris has written extensively on weather manipulation, and Kelly Ward, has spoken out about it. You can find video’s (at least you used to find them) on Youtube explaining how they do it.

And if you have NEVER seen a chemtrail in the sky, then do yourself a favor and don’t move. You are in a place that they really don’t care much about. I see them all the time, (not as much since Trump was elected I must admit) and it always happens when they predict a storm.

And then the storm is VERY…not normal.

From Mad as Hell by George Noory

The issue isn’t whether someone is monkeying with the weather. We know they are. It is open and obvious. But there is something bigger going on here, something beyond what we see with the naked eye. A deeper, darker twist on the modification of weather by faceless entities with malevolent intent.

If that sounds familiar, it should, because it is no coincidence that, whichever way we turn in analyzing the present state of the world, whether it’s war, weather, economics or political domination, there is a common thread of premeditated criminal manipulation with a single, concentrated purpose in mind: world domination.

A year after the air force report was tendered at a Department of Defense news briefing, then Secretary of Defense William Cohen laid out the situation in plain language, stating that there was an effort by “some countries” to use the weather as a weapon, and that those countries were “engaging even in an echo type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely thought the use of electromagnetic waves. So, there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which the can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.”

But hey, you didn’t hear Defense Cohen say that, did you now?

All they need to do is seed that hurricane with the right chemicals and YOU have Noah’s flood.

I don’t care where you live in the country. Our weather has not been normal. If you live near a river, of course, it floods. This has been going on since the beginning of time.

But now, they can make it worse, in the right conditions.

Weather warfare is real.

So, why would anyone want to cause so much pain and suffering you might ask?

Ask yourself who benefits from the destruction of lives and economy in Texas….

And you will have your answer.


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Sunday Prayers for Texas

Nobody Flashes Lots of Prayers for the victims of Harvey.

I’ve been in a Hurricane. It takes years to recover.

I don’t care WHAT you’ve lost. And what’s bad about Harvey is it’s seems to be stuck in one spot. Floods are just as bad as any other disaster.

Last March, we had a week of rain here in Missouri. Our whole finished off basement was flooded.

We had to tear out everything: Drywall, carpets, furniture…and start over. It’s now the end of August and we have just only managed to fix the leaks in the foundation.

Most insurance does NOT cover basement floods, and ours didn’t.

So, ours hearts go out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The middle class doesn’t have much in savings to spend on rebuilding, and precious things are now gone that can never be replaced.


Hopefully, not too many lives will be lost.

God give the good people of Texas strength today.


A lies abandoned after heavy damage when Hurricane Harvey hit Rockport, Texas on August 26, 2017.
Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast late Friday, unleashing torrents of rain and packing powerful winds, the first major storm to hit the US mainland in 12 years. / AFP PHOTO / MARK RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Destroyed houses after heavy damage when Hurricane Harvey hit Rockport, Texas on August 26, 2017.
Hurricane Harvey left a trail of devastation Saturday after the most powerful storm to hit the US mainland in over a decade slammed into Texas, destroying homes, severing power supplies and forcing tens of thousands of residents to flee. / AFP PHOTO / MARK RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)


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Nobody’s Fool: Kristen Meghan Edwards


Nobody’s Fool:

Chemtrails. They are never discussed on any weather channel in the United States, and yet, we have all witnessed them.  Basically, chemtrials are weather modifications.

China uses them, Russia uses them, and both countries TELL their people they are using them. But here in the United States, well…comrade, you don’t really need to know. After all, unlike communists countries, WE are a democracy, so we protect you from worrying about this.

(Ironic, no?)

I’ve been seeing chemtrails on a weekly basis here in my neck of the woods for years, and I noticed, the pilots go especially crazy two or three days before a big storm is predicted.

And when the storm hits, it’s always seemed worse than usual if the chemtrials are heavy.

So, here’s a nobody who works in the field, highly educated, and she is very concerned…but instead of the usual conspiracy “They want to make us all zombies.” reason that is being imagined, she comes to a much more scientific and logical conclusion: It’s all about the money.

If you control the weather, just think of how you can control the crops (Not to mention stocks) and promote that necessary scare tactic called “climate change.”

So, in celebration of Kristen Meghan Edwards, I am proud to present this week’s Nobody’s Fool Award to her in honor of her bravery.

Keep up the good work Kristen…we really DO want to know why our government won’t talk about this.

And by the way: Stay away from area 51.



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And Now, a Word From Our Sponcer…

If you want to know what it would be like to come out of your house, after seeing a tornado heading right for you…and see your neighborhood gone—- this video gives you a pretty good idea. It was taken by a guy, whose daughter was having a really hard time not being scared. This happened very recently.

Luckily, neither one of them were harmed. What I find amazing is he kept the camera going the whole time.

I think the insurance company has the proof they need, don’t you?

(Warming: some heavy language)

(via Glenn Beck)

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Tornado’s Come and Go…But Real Men Stick Around

Nobody’s Opinion:

For those of you who have been wondering what the heck happened to me and did not catch amfortas’  statement in the comment box, remember this: For me not to state my opinions daily, means that something is wrong: I’m either sick, or it’s an act of God, and in this case…a tornado hit my street.

Here’s what happened:

I live about seven miles away from where the Mississippi and the Missouri River join, and it’s prime territory for fluxuations in wind, and sometimes…we get tornadoes.  Last year in St. Louis county, Lambert Field Airport (which is a five minute drive from my house) was hit with an F-5. The famous landmark where Charles Lindbergh took off in his Spirit of St. Louis was torn apart. I remember that night well. I was down in my basement praying that it would not come my way. It was that night that I decided to make a goal: inventory the whole upstairs for insurance purposes and get whatever I didn’t want to lose…downstairs by the next spring. But you know how life is: things happen, and I didn’t finish it. I was only halfway through.  And I just had a gut feeling….I was running out of time.Lambert Field

Boy…was I ever right.

On April 10, last week, around 7pm, my husband and I were getting Chinese food at our favorite place down the street, and I heard the tornado sirens go off…but It didn’t upset me, because they go off all the time here and not much happens. After dinner, it was out to walk the dogs, but we only got half way down the street when the rain came down fast.  As soon as we got inside, the power went out.

In a moment very uncharacteristic of him, my husband said we should go downstairs. As we lay in the dark on the bed in the basement, we were listening to my weather radio when I heard, “There is a reported touchdown in Hazelwood.”

“Wait…somebody just said a tornado touched down in Hazelwood!” I said.

My husband said, “No, he didn’t say that.” There you go. I lied. Sure. I didn’t hear that.

And then we both heard it. The wind. I didn’t hear a train, but a humongous WHOOOOoSSSSHHH! going down the sides of the house. Then, a sort of quiet. We had no clue how lucky we had been.082

“We’d better go check the house.” I said. So, after the typical woman/man thing..”No YOU stay here.” we both went outside. It was still raining and lighting very hard.  Part of our backyard fence had blown over, and my husband was tying it up with rope while I held the flashlight..both of us getting pelted from the cold wind and rain, and then I walked around to the front of the house and looked down the street.

It was dark, but all our neighbors were slowly coming out…and up the street, was the oldest tree (150) in the neighborhood, lying across the road. My husband went back inside, thinking that we were going in, and I said, “I’m going to go look at the tree.”

(What I didn’t tell him was that I was going exploring. It’s a bad habit of mine.)

As I walked up my street I saw all my neighbors coming out one by one, each one talking faster than the next: “Are you okay?” Most every house had trees fall through their roofs. Cars picked up, siding tossed in yards where  it came from, who knew? Chimneys tossed, roofs off. It seemed that the three blocks before the tornado got to our street, the houses were completely destroyed. My street had actually been lucky. Even though every house had damage, the houses stayed intact. Evidently the tornado had touched down, then skipped up, just enough to rip up the trees, and throw them into the houses on our block. It zigzagged.

The good news:  Nobody was hurt. Everyone had been in their basements, but one lineman had been electrocuted we heard later…going out that very night to take care of down wires.113

Okay, you get it. If you’ve ever been in a tornado you know, people walking around, kids staring in shock, people crying. Every single house on the block had some kind of window or roof damage.  It’s very sad to see the houses you’ve known for years get busted up. Trees you’ve grown up with, uprooted like mere toothpicks.

But it’s what happened AFTER the tornado that got me thinking.

After just twenty minutes, the  men in the neighborhood all got out their chainsaws to remove tall the trees blocking the roads.

“Hey, I got a four wheel drive! Want some help?”  Dozens of men got out their tools. The women of course looked shocked, but the men went right to work. Everyone was helping each other. Our men in the neighborhood cleared the fallen trees out the roads before anyone from the government came to help. And they did it fast, and in total cooperation.

It made me proud.

As the days went by, and I watched all the linemen come in from other states, the fact that all of them were men, made me wonder why do they keep trying to dish the good hard-working man? Don’t they see how desperately we need them?

It  was amazing to see how quickly they worked to get the hundreds of telephone poles that were knocked down, up, and new ones in, and the electric back on, and they did it.109

As a woman, I can’t help but love those guys. Men. Real men. Take their guns, their money, their families…for what? For the collective?

And then there was Pierce. Piece and his wife (a black couple) live two doors down, and they had a tree fall into their living room.  The next day, all the neighbor men (all white) were helping him get a tree off his roof. These people were doing it because he is our neighbor, and a good man. He is an ex-marine, and a great addiction to our little neighborhood. He has the best lawn on the block. (He won’t tell us his secret though.)

At the end of the street, a new family of blacks move in, and there are about ten people living in this house, and they really don’t like white people. They had a party once, hip-hopsters walking all over the mostly white neighborhood, smoking who knows what in their cars.098

And I will be called a raciest if I say it made me sad.

That night, I saw their three teenage black daughters walking around looking at the white men doing their jobs, with the most surprised look on their faces. We asked them if they were okay, but they didn’t talk back to us. I’m sure the damage they were looking at surprised them, but even more, I think they were shocked to see a real community…helping each other.116

Now, skip ahead a few days.

My next door neighbor had a beautiful dogwood just snap at the base in her backyard. (see picture below)  It had been cut up, but I was in the backyard picking up debris when I saw a group of people taking parts f the tree and dragging it into the front yard for pickup. There was more than one woman who looked like they really didn’t want to b there.

“Hey! Hi …everybody!.”I said cheerfully.  And they all looked at me stone cold.

“Well gee…you’re a friendly bunch.” I said right to their faces. Come on…What? Was it my red sweat pants with the hole in the knee or my Russian hat?

I’m sorry, I don’t like being insulted.

Then the main guy came over and said, “I’m sorry…it’s just we’re all so tried. We’re teachers from the school and we’ve been doing this all day.”087

Long story short…school was out, and the Hazelwood teachers were told to volunteer to go and help pick up the tree limbs. In other words, their government told them they must volunteer to do it. None of them wanted to actually DO physical work.

Well, the school kids have to volunteer their time to community service or they don’t graduate.  They were getting a taste of their own “community socialist sweatshop” and they didn’t like it one bit.

As you can see from the pictures, my little neighborhood is still cleaning up. Windows blew out, trees fell on roofs, but it could have been worse. Someone could have died.

As for me, everyone was asking why in the world none of my trees went over. I’d like to say that God loves me, but all of my trees have porches of concrete over their roots. It was the concrete that held them from the wind gust I think.078

It was sheer luck.

The good news is: I don’t have to rush my inventory anymore. I really don’t think a tornado is going to hit the same place this year….I’ll have more time to write.

The bad news is: Tornadoes are devastating people lives all over the country. Good thing we still have a lot of good men.

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Who’s Manipulating Whose Weather?


Nobody Knows

Who knew? We finally have something in common with Iran. Both the United States and Iran are suffering from severe droughts. For two years Iran’s southern territory has lacked for rainfall. For two years now, rain in United States has come pretty much as tornadoes or golf ball size hail, with not much in-between but short spurts of flooding.

Nevertheless, that’s where our commonality ends. Mahmond Ahmadinejad, disagrees with Al Gore about the cause of this unbearable heat.  

Last year, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Western countries of devising plans to “cause drought” in Iran, adding that “European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump” their water on their continent.

Those sneaky Europeans!

The drought in southern Iran is part of a “soft war” launched against the Islamic republic by the West, the Fars news agency quoted an Iranian vice president as saying on Monday. “The world arrogance and colonist (term used by Iranian authorities to label the West) are influencing Iran’s climate conditions using technology… The drought is an acute issue and soft war is completely evident… This level of drought is not normal “

First place, let’s admit that Mahmoud is taking a cue from one of our own late great Bill Cohen,  Secretary of Defence under President Bill Clinton, who not only said that weather manipulation was real, but went further to declare:

“Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”           

                                                                                —Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference.

Okay, so..let’s say that HAARP has been unleashed on Iran. Who is unleashing HAARP on us then?

Are there 17 white men somewhere playing poker games on the weekend with HAARP buttons as chips? Did they get tired of playing with the stock market?

And why doesn’t Iran just ask Abu Dhabi to give them some rain?

Fifty rainstorms were created last year in the state’s eastern Al Ain region using technology designed to control the weather. Most of the storms were at the height of the summer in July and August when there is no rain at all. People living in Abu Dhabi were baffled by the rainfall which sometimes turned into hail and included gales and lightening. The scientists have been working secretly for United Arab Emirates president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. They have been using giant ionizers, shaped like stripped down lampshades on steel poles to generate fields of negatively charged particles. These promote cloud formation and researchers hoped they could then produce rain.

Well gee…Nobody remembers when President George W. Bush begged the American people to let some of those guys protect our ports…how come they can do that in Abu Dhabi and WE can’t?

Or can we? Some of our storms this summer LOOK like an amateur weather manipulator and his coctail magician hour, of OOPS…I dropped the rabbit!

At this point, approximately 50 percent of America’s pastures and ranges are in “poor” or “very poor” condition. It’s said that 55 percent of the country was in a moderate to extreme drought at the end of June. That’s the largest percentage of affected land since December 1956, when 58 percent of the U.S. was covered by drought.

Our government has just announced that this is the biggest National Emergency in History.Obama is salivating…all he needs is one… emergency.

So, Nobody Thinks I’m sticking with the old scientific explanation that has been known to cause heat since the beginning of man: This is a picture of our sun on July the 12th.

If they CAN manipulate the weather, then they have a long way to go before they perfect it…don’t they? No doubt, like most things…they are just making a natural cycle of mother nature, MUCH worse.

Either that, or 17- old white men (I know, I can’t get off Harry Reid) want the two countries most likely to go to war…to BURN!

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Nobody Loves NASA Sun Video’s

Nobody Cares

It was 108 degrees in St. Louis today…and the pool water was about 98 degrees.  It’s so hot that the lawns are burning. It was so hot, I ended up listening to Obama tell the world about how he liked going to Howard Johnson’s Motel’s when he was a kid, and how we should all be thankful to go on little vacations…it was one of those “Be happy for what you do have” speeches. After listening to that hot air, the hot air outside was preferable.

BUT..the good news is: We know WHY.

Somebody tell Prince Charles.


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Supernatural Secession

Nobody’s Opinion

“If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”-St. Mark,17

Call it a coincidence, call it an omen from God, call it weather manipulation, call it a sign, call it Biblical, call it what you will, but right after the largest tax in American history was passed, by the hand of a trusted man, great storm clouds and winds came out of nowhere and put millions of people out of power, all up and down the Eastern seaboard. All of a sudden the screaming from the masses of what many considered one of the greatest blows to our Constitution and our American way of put on hold. Survival became number one for millions of people in the East, and in the West.

You might be one of them. Now, I wasn’t there, but I haven’t heard any explanation of how ONE storm cloud could wreck so much havoc in so many states..or how so many fires could have gotten started.


Here in the Midwest, my air-conditioner is still working despite the 108,106,104 temperatures, but the grocery stores are running out of bottled water. The West is burning— the East is without an electrical grid. Not only are our healthcare bills going to go up, (see video) think of all the insurance rates going up due to the loss of property caused by these last two years alone.

Global warming? Armageddon? Natural cycles of the earth? HARP? Who knows? Who cares? What does matter is our government is, in the worst of times, trying to divide us all, and while we suffer, they continue to harm us…drones, armies in the cities, black riots instigated by Presidential
cronies, heavy inflation and high unemployment.

Drudge’s headline today: D.C. dark for days. Well…Nobody Thinks you should not even bother turning the lights back on. Shut it down, before it destroys what’s left. That’s not my government anymore. Oh sure, I live here…but it’s starting to feel like Russia.

Obama has gotten whatever he wanted, just like another man across the sea…hmmmm…Who does that sound like?

Putin..the man who was given a street named after him by the Palestinians…the very street where Jesus walked, is now the Putin Way. Putin was all smiles and freedom loving when he was elected, but like Obama, is was all a lie. 

“In his first speech as president — hand-picked by ailing President Boris Yeltsyn in 2000 — Putin promised: “Freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of the press, the right to private property — these basic principles of a civilized society will be protected.” Referring to the constitutional rights of the Russian people, there was one flaw — the right of the citizens to bear arms to protect themselves is nowhere to be found in the Russian Constitution, adopted in 1993.”

Is a street in Jeruselam named after Putin is not an Evil sign, then I don’t know what is. The communists, and the Allah boys are joining groups to defeat the West…and they have the perfect man in the White House to do it. Obama is going full speed ahead:

“On this year’s report, there were 68 special assistants to the president, 22 assistants to the president and 24 deputy assistants. They cover a wide range of specializations from legislative affairs to economic policy and presidential correspondence.”

Tell me…does he really need all those people? Vladimir Obama has ONE more issue to put in place: He wants our guns. My shotgun in the basement is on the short list for Obama, and people know what’s coming. Guns have had a 36 percent growth in sales, and Google is now refusing to sell guns or anything pertaining to such.

So, I don’t know about you, but this 4th of July, I’m stocking up on bullets. If the Supreme Court won’t uphold the law, Obama WILL come after our guns. If you don’t know it, then you have been too busy trying to put food on your table, but now I’m telling you…it wouldn’t hurt to stock up. Our right to bear arms is all that’s left from us becoming like the rest of the world.

On that supernatural day that the Supreme Court made it’s announcement, Rupert Murdoch was interviewed by Neil Cavuto. He said that he had given up on England, but thought America was going to be okay. And then, days later he tweeted this:

Met Romney last week. Tough O Chicago pros will be hard to beat unless he drops old friends from team and hires some real pros. Doubtful.

Nobody Thinks he was giving advice to Romney, but…it was like a blow to the stomach. Why don’t these people make up their minds. America..or NOT? We are divided from our leaders. They no longer represent us. They are on a whole other supernatual plane of existance…and Supernatural is starting to come to life. Dean and Sam Winchester, demons and angels, the fight is now on.

Count me in…and pray for a supernatual secession.

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No Wind, Nor Rain, Nor Freaking Tornado…

Nobody’s Fool

Mr. and Mrs. Penee:

Now, here’s the American spirit still alive and well in Oklahoma! Even though there were tornadoes seen off in the distance, Caleb Penee and his bride Candra did NOT let their moment be spoiled, by some little old tornado.  After all, they were far enough away and heading in the other direction, and damn it all…why bother spoiling their wedding?

It’s good to see the old pioneer spirit of our forefathers still alive and well in the heartland.

And you can be sure, that’s a marriage that will stand the test of time, babies, crappy in-laws, and global warming alarmists.

It warms my Nobody heart. Pretty cool.

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Nobody Gets Email: Nobody is Breathless

Nobody Get Email…

The Sky is that beautiful old parchment

In which the sun and the moon keep their diary. ..Alfred Kreymborg

Now THIS is the kind of stuff I dream about! And think, –for all of us on the planet, whose chances of seeing something like this are basically the same as winning the Mega Millions, it’s at least a joy to know, that good men, built the camera’s, the space weather stations, and then the INTERNET, and the electricity…and the energy..etc…just to get it out for all of us to share all over the planet?

When you think about all that had to come together just to make this incredible glimpse of our plant’s beauty possible— It leaves you in the words of some decadent movie star’s big moment—


(thanks to amfortas)


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It’s Against the Law to Stay in New York, unless of course, You’re Illegal!

Nobody Reports

Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg finally addressed the severe illegal immigrant problem in New York.

“Staying behind is dangerous, staying behind is foolish, and it’s against the law, and we urge everyone in the evacuation zones not to wait until gale-force winds,” he said in a news conference from Coney Island as rain began to fall. “The time to leave is right now.”…he was talking about the true citizens of New York leaving because of Irene the massive hurricane that sort of did not become so massive.  In other words, if you are born here, you’d better get out of new York because–as the man of integrity and sound rule of law says:

 “It’s against the law to stay.”

Too bad he doesn’t apply that same logic to illegal aliens, because it really is against the law for all illegal immigrants to stay.

And it’s also too bad we will never hear Mayor Bloomberg say to the illegals, “The time to leave is right now.”

Gee Mayor…it took a hurricane to inspire those words?

In the meantime, President Obama is managing the whole FEMA operation all by himself, and taking charge of the hurricane as reported yesterday in Australia. Nobody thinks he did NOT want to let our Aussie friends down when he was heading out for Air Force One, and took command!

Bravo to our brave friends “down under” for making our President look like he’s doing something. And look carefully, he even has his own FEMA desk plate. That’s because nobody at FEMA would know who that fellow is if the sign wasn’t there.

Now…I wonder just how many people are walking up and down stairs tonight since Bloomberg said he was going to turn off all the elevators in all the buildings in New York?  There MUST be a New York law that says you cannot put people in harm’s way by turning off their electricity so that they are stuck in the 99th floor and die of the heat, because otherwise, the Mayor would have left them on.

But there IS good news! At least, we are not in Tripoli,…wait…Tripoli has no electric, no water, no food…uh…isn’t Obama in charge of that too?

Okay, it’s Saturday night… New Yorker’s!! Hang in there! We are with ya!


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