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Trump: Not as Arrogant as Jeb OR Hillary

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I watched Donald Trump speech last night, and one of the parts that I really enjoyed (besides the guy in the background that grinned all the way through his speech) was what the Trumpster had to say about how the Capitol Building, which has been surrounded by scaffolding since the Civil War it seems. He said it might not be finished before the inauguration.

Donald explained that SINCE it won’t be done by then, to make historical pictures look nice and wonderful, they plan to spend MILLIONS of taxpayers dollars to take the scaffolding down, and then put it back up again after the inauguration. Donald thought this was absurd.

“Why don’t you just hurry up and finish the project.” he asked the construction company.  That’s what he would do, rather than take it down, and put it back up again, at the cost of millions.

Nobody is really talking about this absurdity, but almost everyone in the United States who has watched the establishes politicians in Washington D.C. know for a FACT, that that’s exactly what would happen if either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton was elected. God FORBID their historical photo’s for their future presidential libraries be spoiled by an under construction Capitol building in the background.

Trump said, he would LEAVE the scaffolding up, rather than waste taxpayers millions of dollars taken it down to serve his own vanity.Trump tea party

I thought that was one of the most telling parts of his speech. Government waste, and the rich elites that make their millions, sucking the life out of us for their own benefit, is WHY Trump is popular.

I was so excited, I just might go out and buy one of those “Make America Great Again” hats and go visit my local Ferguson…who by the way, is getting a BRAND new fitness franchise where all the black lives that matter can join for $1 dollar, and buff up for their next riot.

Okay. On second thought: So maybe I’ll just wear it around my house.



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  1. More than likely, it’s just another politician giving his favorite union boss a job that did not need to be done, in order to keep the money rolling in. This happens everywhere in America…probably friends of the Obama’s. It happens locally…your street doesn’t NEED to be fixed, but they do it anyway so that next year, they will be allotted the same amount of money. The more government people working at meaningless jobs the better.

    After all, there are too many high paying jobs out there…only in the government can you make a decent living. At least, they get salaries twice the rate of the average private sector man or woman doing the same work.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 20, 2015 | Reply

  2. Well, here’s a different observation; since I don’t recall seeing this “reconstruction” monstrosity during the Bush term. Does anyone know if there is even any “reconstruction” taking place? Nothing seems to change there, from one week, or month to the next, or even on year to the next. Or is it possible the current faux-clown-squatter-in-the-oval-office had it put up there as a means of “protection”? He probably fears someone will try to drop a bomb on his head.


    Comment by madmemere | September 20, 2015 | Reply

  3. Have no clue what Trump is actually about but nothing could be worse than HilsBills?


    Comment by spookmoor | September 16, 2015 | Reply

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