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Nobody’s Perfect: Drinky VS Japanese Sex Doll

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have two robots invented for lonely souls: Drinky VS Sex Robot (insert..whatever name you want to name her, here:______.)

Yes….America won the war with Japan. But, they came back and destroyed our auto industry. Revenge is sweet. And now, the Japanese are going for the BIGGER American market.

The market of all markets: Sex and booze. They give us: Drinky VS Sex Woman

First up: Some lonely Asian named Eunchan Park was pretty upset that he had to drink alone on Christmas Eve. So, he invented Drinky.  A lovable ‘guy’ who will toast you, and drink with you all night long. Best of all, he will listen to all your complaints. Although, he’s not perfect…he can’t stumble down, or throw up with you yet, or tell a good joke, but, give him time.

On the other hand, Japanese men must be having problems finding sexual partners…because some guy got lonely, and wanted a real sex doll to talk to. You COULD buy just a regular rubber sex doll, who should delight you…but this one winks, smiles, nods, and bows.

Wow. A woman who will bow to you! The American men will go insane. Now that Tinder has been exposed as a fraud, it won’t be long before American women will have a hard time finding any man to buy her a drink. Japanese Sex Doll is not perfect yet. I don’t think she can cook breakfast, but I’m not sure that’s important.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it Drinky, who will always be there on every holiday to drink with you when nobody else will?

Or is it the Japanese Sex companion? A woman who by all accounts, looks like the REAL thing?

Drinky wins! Why you ask?  He’s inexpensive, you can take him everywhere, and compared to the Robot Sex Woman, whose price is over $5,000, not many POOR men can afford her. But the poor drinking man (or woman, and I know a few I could give one of these too) would love to have Drinky sitting on their kitchen table.

On the other hand, Japanese Sex Doll is cheaper than your average divorce, and you can turn her off. Something that you can’t do with most women.

So….Congratulations Drinky! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week.

Now, I suggest we send the loser to Bill Clinton, he must get VERY lonely.

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  1. LOL! So, which one would YOU pick, snopercod?


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | January 13, 2016 | Reply

  2. “you can turn her off. Something that you can’t do with most women.” I seem to be pretty good at it.


    Comment by snopercod | January 12, 2016 | Reply

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