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Nobody Knows: Who IS Youngkin?

Nobody Knows: Last year I started getting emails from a group of ‘patriots’ whose basic platform was that England REALLY runs the world. They call themselves American Intelligence.  They would put up documents to support their theses, which said it was the Queen, and lots of Rothchild’s, and a very secretive organization known as “The Pilgrim Society.” That actually was behind this ‘great reset’ and control of the world.

Which includes…China. And they still control it. The Queen herself is worth 30 trillion, they say.

I must admit, I remain skeptical of many of the things I read that they send, not having the time to actually research their findings, but…a few months ago, they were saying Trump was doing the ‘Queens’ bidding. They changed their emails to trashing him because of the same reason many people are worried about him: He was pushing the vaccine.

Not exactly a good thing. But then again, remember ALL that he has been through…the whole WORLD has attacked him so….

I mention this because, every GOP Trump supporter was celebrating the victory of Glenn A Youngkin over the tired and bloviating Hillary Clinton attack dog, in Virginia. Why it was clearly a sign to come! The GOP was going to overtake BOTH houses…and mainly because Glenn didn’t talk about Trump, even though, it’s pretty clear, Trump’s support of the man nobody knew, got him elected.

BUT: Let’s not forget….Trump has gotten MANY a RINO elected. Too many to count. I always took the position that there was so MUCH corruption in the old GOP globalists organization that really, Trump had no choice but to back RINOS, simply because the more republicans the better. Reagan did not have a choice to pick Daddy Globalist Herbert Walker Bush for HIS V.P. I kept to that theory.

Okay. I’ll get to the point. According to these people, whom I certainly do NOT dismiss right off, the new Governor of VA has a long stating with the British Monarch.

I post some of their email below, with the footnote that I certainly don’t know much about if the Brits run the world (Amfortas rejoice!) but Americans have always been fond of the common folk of England. After all, we do share the same language and much more in the DNA.

And if they DO run the world, and want to also destroy the U.S. for the ‘revolution’ so long ago, I find it pretty…lame. We have the Bush family, they have Prince Charles. We have Kerry. They have Beatle Bob. I’d say it’s pretty much a tie for evil tyrants.

So, decide for yourself…if this is true, it won’t be the first time Trump has push a RINO into office. And WHY?

Nobody Knows. But since we DO know that the British intelligence worked with Hillary Clinton and our CIA & FBI to create Russia-gate to take Trump out of office, I do not dismiss anything at this point.

Here’s a part of their email below:


TRAITOR! New VA Governor Glenn A. Youngkin swore allegiance to the British Monarch and Ministry of Defense [sic] long ago

Glenn Allen Youngkin is a British Trojan Horse. He has sold out America under instruction from the British Pilgrims Society.

On Dec. 12, 2002, Glenn Allen Youngkin was the founding secretary director of QinetiQ Holdings Limited, UK Co. No. 4586941 (pronounced “kinetic” as in “kinetic war”). See UK Companies House Form 288a below. Plus, note their fascination with the “Q” character… from the James Bond Pilgrims Society propaganda films (spying is merely an “intelligence” function of the mockingbird press, media and film industry). These people also started In-Q-Tel a few years earlier on Sep. 29, 1999.

The British Pilgrims Society appears to have an affinity for boyish front men, Boris John exempted.

QintetiQ catalogues all inventory for the U.S. Army worldwide… from the UK

QintetiQ invests heavily in robot warriors

TRANSCRIPTION, p. 17: QinetiQ Group plc Annual Report and Accounts 2008. Business review – QinetiQ North American continued, Keeping track of US Army equipment, Under the contract, QNA continues to meet the challenge of collecting data on all US Army equipment – ground combat systems, tactical wheeled vehicles and aviation systems – from across the US and all areas overseas in which the US Army has a presence QNA then provides the Army with timely and accurate logistics data for comprehensive studies and analyses.

QinetiQ supplies full-body scanners.

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  1. Well, our founders did say that republics only last for about 250 years. I’d say, England AND America, if they don’t wake up, are doomed.

    As for the Queen? She’s very rich, and like Presidents, probably is not told what is really happening. This Pilgrim’s society consists of MANY many men, those that you talk about I suppose.

    Let’s hope she doesn’t die on the same day as Bill Clinton. What a circus that would be.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 17, 2021 | Reply

  2. If the British Monarch, a 90+year old quite pleasant lady, actually runs the World, she is doing just as one might expect a pleasant 90+ year old to do. Ie, not at all well and probably with a Serious amount of lack of F**k.

    Really, as if.

    Betty does not even interfere with her own Gummunt which have always gone their merry way in almost complete disregard for anything she might want. Mind you a legion of ‘Civil’ Servants of the Sir Humphrey ilk really run the show and disregard anything the elected bigwigs want. Look there rather than Queen Betty.

    As for not getting over the Revolution, she is very likely of similar mind to me about it. Ie what a huge mistake that was made on both sides, which might conceivably be regrettable, but a waste to go down that route. The past is gone before. You guys have to deal with the Tax problem.

    By the way, how’s that Revolution panning out for you? 🙂


    Comment by Amfortas | November 16, 2021 | Reply

  3. You made me laugh…and it’s so true Tim. Nice to see good old common sense is still alive and well. Thanks!


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 16, 2021 | Reply

    • Well Joyanna,
      I’m sick in bed today and it’s all I can do to catch up on e-mails and clean out my in box, so research isn’t going to happen by me.

      And I’m a lifelong Va resident too, To be honest, I don’t watch or listen to the news so if Trump endorsed Youngkin, I didn’t know about it. Youngkin didn’t campaign on any endorsement from Trump either, so I don’t think that had anything to do with Youngkin’s victory.

      McAwful lost because he made the mistake of saying “Parents shouldn’t be telling the school boards what they should teach their children.” THAT made a LOT of parents angry! He also basically was trying to run against Trump (the political cartoon where he’s racing after Trump in one direction and Youngkin is crossing the finish line first … and McAwful says, “I’ve been racing against the wrong guy…” ~ that was hysterical in my humble opinion). 😉 I’m praying that Youngkin will be godly, principled governor. Time will tell.


      Comment by Mrs. O | November 20, 2021 | Reply

      • The trouble is, we really don’t know do we? So ANY GOP politicians, when running, sound fantastic, then get into office and they change into horrible democrats.  I think, the parents are going to wake up. You do NOT mess with Mama bears. It’s in the human DNA to protect your child.  The teachers have kept secrets from the parents for too many years, and now it’s being exposed.  Get well soon!  Via


        Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 20, 2021

  4. Well being a current VA resident, still better than what the other guy would have done. Basically I feel it doesn’t matter anymore. We are always given the choice between which evil we would prefer to run over us.


    Comment by Tim | November 16, 2021 | Reply

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