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Tucker Carlson: Right Again About Kenosha

Nobody Wins

I thought Tucker’s comments on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial were spot on, and everyone is waiting for the verdict, which, if you read around is because someone on the jury doesn’t want to start the “riot”. Or maybe they want to have the verdict released on FRIDAY to make sure all the looters can show up all weekend.

Who knows?

The RIOT already happened as you can see from the video. And many Americans think that of course, Kyle will go free, BUT:

This is not the America we know. We have tyrants in control of the country now.

On the one hand, there is nothing more than the democrats/communists would like THAN for him to be set free…because civil war has always been their objective: and any excuse to DISARM America, is what they really want. And if they can deprive a President of his total victory in an election, finding some young innocent kid in the middle of America to be their spark to set off a firestorm, that’s not something that we should be surprised if it does happen. It’s happened many times before.

The only thing that will help this is if American refuse to fight each other.

We are seeing time and time again our President and our Governors bring out the BIG guns. Tanks and the military are not suppose to even be involved on the streets of America: So that’s why the attack on the police. That’s one of the benefits to the BIG STATE: no police? Why, we’ll send in the troops!

Dangerous times.

Nobody Wins when we fall for the communist agenda. But then again, they cloak their agenda in “Democracy.” America started on the “rule of law.” When John Adams defended the British soldiers at the Boston Massacre, they got a fair trial. The ‘mob’ attacked the men, and a shot went off, and it was proven that the British guards were provoked. Adams was an honest and fair man, and did not want the nation to start off on the wrong foot. In other words, the already established rule that every man had a right to a fair trial.

America started on the “rule of law” and in this case, Kyle was trying to protect his city. If he had not shot those men WHILE ON THE GROUND AND BEING ATTACKED, he would have died.

We’ve seen it again and again. And none of the real thugs are prosecuted. This is about gun control, state control, OUR control.

Our leaders are pushing Western Civilization into chaos on purpose.

We pray for Kyle…and his family, and hope that the jury does what John Adams did.

BUT…I remain hopeful, but skeptical.

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