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Jordan Peters Calls Climate Change a Scam

It’s Sunday, and here in Missouri, it’s leaf raking day. So, I’m posting Jordan VS Gates

Hers’s Jordan going over the fact that all this “We are going to save the world by making you give us money and keeping you from traveling outside your house, and getting rid of all gas, while we…the elite will continue to use everything in mass” as a great bunch of hooey.


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  1. Climate change is a hoax, just think why are they saying climate change now? What happened to global warming? Well the earth is now cooling so these eco-fascist can’t say stop driving your cars because we are cooling, since they got the sheep to believe in warming. Remember that hickey stick graph that proved global warming? That only appeared when they removed a century of data. They had to take out take out the 1400’s to prove their point. Yeah trust the science, not when they cook the numbers to tell their lies. You posted an article on how to lie with statistics.


    Comment by Tim | November 20, 2021 | Reply

    • No kidding. It’s amazing…I notice the ‘plan’ to use it as a weapon some years ago when National Geographic starting using it’s pages for sheer ‘global destruction’ propaganda.  I read every issue from 1952 until 2000, and I finally cancelled my subscription just because I was sick of opening up the book and seeing pictures of trash, and destruction.  Gone were the historical, the beauty, the geography.  Yes, first it was the ice age, then warming, then climate, and what’s next? Man should not exist. Oh yes, nature will go on! How many TV programs did we see about that?  They also leave out the fact that the earth TILTS every 11 years, and ice ages come and go and there is always volatile weather before an ice age, and heck, they can’t even predict tomorrow’s weather let alone ten years from now… BUT…they can manipulate it can’t they? And they also can keep real scientists off the airwaves.  Good points Tim. Data is manipulated too. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 20, 2021 | Reply

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