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Nobody Wonders: How Come America Was Kept in the Dark about the Global Protests?

While we were all being bombarded on our TVs and radio’s about the Rittenhouse trial, and Fauci’s joy at the upcoming vaccines for all our kids and babies, the REST of the world was protesting AGAINST the global mandated vaccines and lockdowns. Click on this link, and if you are like me, you will be overjoyed at the sight:

Protests and Rage Against Lockdowns and Mandates All Over the World

Here’s just ONE example: (If Twitter lets you NOT see it, go to the link above.)

I had NO idea this had happened if not for a website I go to everyday. All the gatherings were peaceful, MILLIONS, upon MILLIONS All over the world in every country had gathered to cry “FREEDOM” while here in the U.S., we got the “Communist Revolution” filled with black people on the streets. Although, not as many as you think:

Now, compare the millions of peaceful protestors being reported by a reputable source, to HOW these gatherings were reported by the DRUDGE REPORT:

They reported crimes committed by the ‘people’ against the police. Every headline screaming with how everywhere there was violence.

Sounds like January the 6th? Yeah. Exactly.

There were thousands there that day, peacefully protesting. But over 300 are still in jail for just carrying an American Flag. A Trump supporter was murdered by a Capitol police man.

No big deal. Let that be a warning to you American ‘protester.”

What does this mean? How can they keep most Americans in such deep state propaganda mode?

You know what I think: Follow the China bouncing communist ball.

Which is why WE didn’t really hear much about the day of global protest here:

I bet, millions of us would have shown up. And THAT can’t happen. That’s how controlled our media is.

Nobody Wonders, what they are going to pull to keep TRUMP out of office?

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