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Nobody’s Fool: Casey Michel

As if I don’t have enough to read, I might have to add THIS one!

Did you, like me, think that offshore bank accounts to hide money happens only overseas?

THINK AGAIN! Casey explains how the U.S. is great place for the rich to laundry their money.

Thanks Casey!

November 22, 2021 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Its awful. Its corrupt. It is egregious. It is abominable. The enormity of it simple renders everyone but the chap in the video, speechless. And boy does he make up for our silence. After near to ten minutes of a breathless finger pointing and tar brushing tirade, I still have no idea of what the rich and wicked have been doing nor how American Lawyers, Trusts, anonymous shell companies et all, all operating under the aegis of ‘Law’, have been wicked, corrupt, totally awful etc. I hope his book is far more succinct. But that is probably a hope too far.



    Comment by Amfortas | November 22, 2021 | Reply

    • Something tells me this has been going on for decades. And not just here. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 22, 2021 | Reply

      • Indeed, But WHAT . ?? What are they doing and how. Precisely.


        Comment by Amfortas | November 23, 2021

      • You AND I should get the book. Recently, there was a report online about how billionaires (In all countries) hide their money in offshore accounts. All over the world. AND in shell companies and foundations, where they do NOT have to pay taxes. This guy just lets us know that it’s done here in the states too. How ELSE do you suppose that just 1 percent of the elites at the top have more money than the 90 percent at the bottom? Seems obvious doesn’t it?  So, I will go back into my archives and posts some of this in future blogs. I find it repetitious, but if it’s proof you want, I will report what I can. in fugure blogs. There are so many companies my eyes get dizzy.  


        Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 23, 2021

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