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Ron Paul Is STILL Putting Up With It…Amazing.

Nobody Flashes

The big appeal of Ron Paul, is his honesty. He has never sounded like a typical crooked politician, and has always been just as dumbfounded as the regular citizen on the damage down by Washington D.C., The fact that he has simply survived Washington D.C., is a miracle in itself. Now he has his own online channel.

Good for him.

Proof of the insidious attacks he has had to put up with all these years—-can be seen in this video. MSNBC Alex Wagner, is so sure of herself…isn’t she? But Ron points out her faults at the end of the interview, and just watch her reaction:

She is just stuck on herself, She  reeks of narcissism. So much so, she doesn’t even see her own stupidity.

Now, Imagine Obama putting up with this kind of interview——Yeah. I know.

I enjoyed this…maybe you will too.



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