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Nobody’s Perfect: Dennis Rodman VS Pine Bluff Swat Team

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week we put Dennis Rodman up against the Pine Bluff Swat Team.

Let’s take Dennis first just because, nobody smokes a cigar in earrings quite like Dennis. It seems Dennis just loves hanging out with his favorite toy boy, Kim Jong Un. Despite the fact that the man is one of the most dangerous  psychological  maniacs on the planet, Dennis…loves him. And that makes you wonder about the sex between the two, which Dennis is desperately trying to cover up by telling everyone what a good family man Kim Jong Un is. Dennis is also threatening Obama to talk to him about his lover. Wow. Give a gay a match and they torch you with a flame gun every time. dennis rodman

Dennis is the quintessence of the fact that there is an American absurdity when it comes to how sport figures are worshipped, and then they lose all sense of perspective.

Rodman is trying to get a team of black basketball players to go over and play the North Koreans. I want to know just exactly how all those 6’7 black guys are going to LOSE to a bunch of short and starved little North Koreans, who will know, that if they lose, they will be shot?

And then there’s the Swat Team of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, who were SO afraid of a 107-year-old, they bought in the whole 47th tank division, complete with AK-47 machine guns.

PINE BLUFF, Ark. (TheBlaze/AP) — A 107-year-old man is dead after SWAT officers shot back at him during a standoff at a home in the southeast Arkansas city of Pine Bluff, police say.

But friends and fellow church members say that Monroe Isadore was legally blind and nearly deaf and shouldn’t have died that way.

“I’m in shock today,” Larry Smith, who attended church with Isadore at New Direction Baptist, told KLRT-TV.

“He couldn’t hear,” Smith said. “Somebody should’ve told the [police] he couldn’t hear.”

We all know senility comes in different colors, but…the guy with the gun,  didn’t actually SHOOT anyone, so why did we have to call a full force military unit in?

We saw this happen in Boston…talk about trigger happy. Our police forces act like they are in Fallujah. Really…over kill. Come on guys. Dennis Rodman two

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

Kim Jong Un—for his bad taste in women.

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