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God Bless Our Armed Forces

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None of us know, with all the damage that Obama is doing to the country, if we will be attacked again on 9/11. And tomorrow, because of his colossal mistakes, Americans will be waiting for an attack, which would surely give Obama his go-ahead sign to start another big war in the Middle East.

I saw this commercial on Conservative Video’s and thought of all the 50,000 or so men who suffered debilitating injuries going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of them were bought home,, and discarded. We’ve all seen these boys in our neighborhoods, trying desperately to hold onto their pride. They are coming home to a country that is falling apart. It’s hard for a anyone to get a job nowadays, let alone a returning veteran with a disability.

It’s one of the reasons, so many of them commit suicide. These men WANT to work. They are proud.

This video expressed to me, even thought it’s a beer commercial,  the bravery, the noble courage, the real men of America that serve in our military. Their ‘commander-in-chief’ has taken the treasure of our fine men and women who serve, and treated them basically like garbage. He just signed into law a cut in their pay. But this commercial shows, that we all must reach out to them now, more than ever.

God bless the men and women of our armed forces.

It’s hard being a civilian under Obama, I can’t imagine what it’s like to serve in the military under him…can you?

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