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Nobody Wonders: Which is worth More: Gold or Land?

Last week I met up with an old girlfriend. She’s had her own trucking company for years…
“Things are going great!” she said, as she drove up in her brand new yellow corvette, of which she paid $80,000 cash for. She also has a much more expensive Mercedes Benz. I was sitting in my 2004 Sante Fe, no airconditioning. Was I jealous? Well, only for her aircondioning. Cars have never been my passion. But, I was happy to take a ride in it. Even the seats had air conditioning.

I told a friend of mine about her cars and he said, “More than her cars, she has land.” 360 acres of it. She has forty cows, and 7 horses, and bails her own hay. And she has much more, but her vast land holdings? She is rich by that standard.

A long time ago, my mother told me a story about how her father and his friend who was a high school history teacher used to argue all the time. My grandfather hated FDR, and she loved him. But she did tell him one thing: The real reason that the Catholic church had NEVER allowed their priests to marry was not because of some religious devotion, but they wanted to OWN all the land. The priests were taken care of, and all the money went to…the Vatican.

How many Catholic chruches are there in the world? Nobody Wonders.

The other night my husband and I watched the movie “The Founder” about Ray Kroc and the creation of McDonalds. It’s revealed halfway through the movie that Ray starts buying the ‘land’ that the franchises were put on. His financial guru tells him “Ray, you’re not in the burger business, you in the real estate business. That’s where your profit is.”

Before that the owners bought it. That meant that Ray was in control of most everything after he hired the guy. The franchisees just rented. He became one of the biggest land owners in the world. (Good movie.)

Now, fast forward to now: Bill Gates owns about 80 percent of the farmland in the United States. China is buying up property in many states here in the U.S. They do it by hiding behind shell companies, which is somehow legal.

Walt Disney did this in Orlando. Nobody Knew Walt was buying up all that land, and becasue of that he go it at cheap price.

And what does Putin want? Land. After the Uraine, he’s love to have Alaska back.

IN the video below, a real estate lady explains how Blackrock and Vanguard, are doing it now…buying up whole subdiviions.

In Holland, right this very minute, the farmers are being run off their farms due to global warming…(that lame excuse) but the real reason is: The elites want that land.

I have read that George Washington had more land than any other the other founders, and it was his main motivation in fighting England.

Whose Knows if that was right, but then again…if you had the choice to buy land, or invest in gold?

Which would YOU choose.

Nobody Wonders.

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  1. JOYANNA !! “” The real reason that the Catholic church had NEVER allowed their priests to marry was not because of some religious devotion, but they wanted to OWN all the land. The priests were taken care of, and all the money went to…the Vatican.””..

    Oh dear. Really, Joy. Do you actually believe that?

    I have been a Catholic all my life. I have put megabucks on the collection plate during that time. Very little went to the Vatican. Please be careful of repeating protestant cant and nonsense. It is not just simply offensive, but wrong.

    Most went to pay that stipend to the Priest, and it is very modest. Mine, for instance gets a salary that currently is well below the poverty line and about one third of the national average wage. He has accommodation (also modest) and a car provided. He lives very simply and does not have a wife and children to support.

    Much of my contribution went to charitable causes determined by the Parish Council….. that is, parishioners. ie, me. Some went to the Diocese, as the Bishop too needs some financial support. A small fraction went further up the chain with a tiny bit ending in Vatican coffers. It does add up, of course. It goes in and it goes out. Caritas, the premier Catholic Charity is the biggest Charity in the world. Works of art, architecture and such have amassed over the past two millennia, and the World is richer for it.

    A Priest does not marry because it is argued and accepted that his work with the parish would be diminished by his duties as a husband. Husbands have many duties. So do Priests.

    Yes, the ‘Church’ does own land. Not a lot but far more than any individual (inc Mr Gates). The vast majority is that upon which a local Church stands. It is paid for by parishioners. Me again. As such, we in the pews ARE the Church that you so cavalierly calumnise.

    You are usually such a clear-thinking, insightful woman whom I am really pleased to call a friend. I forgive your faux pas, but wag a finger in a friendly manner. Love. Peace. Charity, my dear friend.


    Comment by Amfortas | July 12, 2022 | Reply

    • I knew you would be upset.  Of course everyone gives to the church dear. I was talking about history. From the beginning. You seem less interested in history than your own emotions on sex, politics, the Queen, England, and your church.  There is a much bigger world out there my friend.  Guess you’ll just have to blame my thoughts upon my ancestors the Adams who trust me, hated the Catholic church more than I do. Obviously, you need to read more my dear and get a more worldy knowledge of what’s happening.  I Love the Catholic people. BUT..let me explain, I think YOUR bias toward the church and America is getting worn out. You take the “It’s my religion, and your wrong view.” It’s understandable. Tell me, where you raised as a Catholic? Are you like the Muslims who believe their religion…it’s the ONLY way to go?  I view always the logical explanation and I did NOT attack priests in this, or the money the people give to it, which I’m sure goes to many good things, but the fact that it IS true that the chruch owns the land. It’s not reported how much. It just means that if the priests married than THAT land would go to wives when they died. This was decided long ago.  Get it?  And you did NOT put that meaning into the whole context of the story did you? Did you even GET the meaning of the story? McDonalds? Etc? Land is fought over?  You never do amfortas, you find the sentence that makes you mad and go all emotional, instead of looking at the logic in the whole piece that I write.  You know you do that. It’s almost as if, you don’t read what I write at all, but skim it.  The Vatican is VERY, VERY RICH, and has it’s own bank, (The Bushes keep their money there)  It’s very corrupt at the top, as we see with it’s pope.  If you cannot see that, then maybe YOU need to read more. You accept the insanity marxist crazy pope, I…do not.  You obey. I would not. That’s the difference between us.  Everyone needs to find their God. And I’m NOT a protestant. Not even close. I did not get those thoughts from MY religion, as I do not have one. This peice came from my own head.  I DO believe there is a god, and it’s all a beautiful mystery. 

      I’m more…go out your door and observe the great creator.  Don’t miss faith in more than yourself. The ten commandments are the BEST and most commonsense laws ever written. Jesus was a Godsend.  Sorry if I offended you…and yes, still adore you.  But, you will probably always be offended by my patriotic love of my country…so, if you get upset, just don’t read. Really. With all that’s going on in the world, you need to just live out your days in peaceful happiness.  It hurts me that I upset you, and I’m sure it hurts you to read a friend that you think is crazy.  And God only knows, that’s what I have always wished for my British friend.  Peace. We are at the autumn of our days. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | July 13, 2022 | Reply

      • You do not offend me my dear friend. You never fail to stimulate my mind and make me happy. I did not ‘find the sentence that makes you mad and go all emotional’: I did not find it. It leaped from the page. I did not get emotional. I simply addressed an error.

        Yes, I was raised a Catholic by a Catholic Mum and a Protestant Dad. I lapsed in early adult years and trailed around many different ‘faith’ types. I was brought back to the Catholic Church by a Protestant lady, much like yourself. I have little problem with Protestant people many of whom I find are well versed in Scripture. Better than many Catholics. Love of God is the key.

        But calumnies abound. I try to address them, as as above, I try to be polite.

        But thank you for responding and God Bless.


        Comment by Amfortas | July 13, 2022

      • PS. “”You accept the insanity marxist crazy pope, I…do not. You obey. I would not. That’s the difference between us. “”

        No difference. I think the current Pope is a looney. Marxist? Perhaps. Perhaps worse. He is very confusing and goes waaaaay out on a limb with his daft pronouncements There have been a lot worse in the past.

        Obey him?? Why on earth would I do that ? This is another misconception. No Catholic has to ‘obey’ the Pope. He is a man and just as faulted as St Peter.


        Comment by Amfortas | July 13, 2022

  2. I see the adds to buy gold, gold. But if and when things crash it is food that will be the best thing to have. Stock up on food.


    Comment by Tim | July 11, 2022 | Reply

    • Yep. those of us in the bottom half of the world, FOOD will be King. You’re right. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | July 12, 2022 | Reply

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