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Teachers Scared of Duck Dynasty

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You can sell drugs in the hallways of many high schools in the United States, but don’t you DARE wear a threatening Tee-shirt.

Notice, that Duck Dynasty tee- shirt is going to jump off the body of the student and start beating up whomever it pleases.

Instead of the teachers actually controlling the bullies in the schools, they are instead afraid of: Prayer, old men, and tee-shirts that threaten jokes. Which means the kids in school who ARE being bullied are defenseless, and if they fight back, they are punished also. It the politically correct way to keep kids in line.

Drugs, mind you, are NOT violent. Nor are the students who sell them.

What? You think you’re school is a “drug free zone?”

Then you also think the South Side of Chicago is a ‘violence-free zone.”

Really. It’s not that they are afraid that some kid hasn’t seen Duck Dynasty and might be scared, it’s that the liberal teachers are afraid that kids might actually become big fans of the program.

It’s the teachers biggest fear. The kid should get a tee-shirt that says, “Are you scared of Duck Dynasty? Then you COULD be a moron!”



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