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The Defense Rests…the Dems Never Do

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Trump’s defense today was short, to the point, and full of fact. Steve Bannon for the last week has wanted the lawyers to come out and show all the proof of the stolen election, but that’s a different fight. The video above showed just a bit of how vicious ALL the democrats have been in their hated speech against the President. THEY have have incited day after day, year after year, sheer blatent hatred of the President. They’ve supported the BLM riots, the Hollywood hated speech, the daily headlines…about the HATRED they have for this man. Constant 24/7 attacks.

For four years, they have played the race card. And the regular people are really sick of it all.

They insisted all throughout the trial that Trump told “THE BIG LIE.” which is: he lost. Which is…not true. He didn’t lose. The real big Hitler lie here is that…he lost. And so, like Goebels suggested, they just keep saying it over and over and over, in hopes that everyone will believe it sooner or later.

Anyone who has seen the evidence knows he won. So…on the contrary. His popularity scares BOTH established oligarchies, so much they have to get rid of him once and for all.

If you listened to any of this impeachment trial, it got old. The mantra was, tell lies, and tell them with horror and emotional alarm. Today, they even accused Trump of rousing a crowd to kill VP Pence. And EVEN though, the lawyers played his actual words, it didn’t matter. What matters to them is to get their lies on film to be played over and over again on all their news outlets. And they chose a black woman, a Chinese looking man, and a white Jew. to make their case.

Don’t think that they didn’t pick lawyers to appeal to those groups.

Okay. We will watch to see what republicans support the impeachment. We KNOW Mitt Romney will be one. But who esle?

We shall see. In the meantime, Trump has given them all a big noose to hang themselves with. They might as well get on the chair and kick it out from underneath themselves.

It’s as if…they just can’t help it.

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