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Maybe The Cubans Will Join Us in OUR Revolution Against the Communists in OUR Country

Nobody’s Opinion

The Cubans are rising up again in protest of their miserable lives, and it’s not the first time. Revolution has long been a hallmark of world history, and according to the historian Henry Adams, President Cleveland could have solved the Cuban problem without a war. But…he didn’t, and left the door open for communism.

And then, Russia stepped in, where America stayed away.

Older Americans, like myself, remember the Cuban missile crisis. I was just a kid, but I do remember my father digging a fallout shelter in the back yard. Thank goodness Eisenhower came to the rescue.

JFK called him to the White House when it all came to blows, and this nobody believes that Eisenhower gave him the solution…but that’s me. It only makes sense that the top general with World War experience would help JFK, the man who, although had been on a PT boat, he couldn’t have had the knowledge of Eisenhower. And yet, Ike let him take the credit for getting out of it. I bet Ike told him how to do it.

But back to Cuba. The Cubans in Florida are wanting Biden to DO SOMETHING! But, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Cuban-American secretary of Homeland Security are telling the people of Cuba, “Don’t even THINK of coming here.”

The last thing Biden wants is free thinking people who have lived under communism when they are trying to implemented it here.

For example: A student here in America, a kid from Venezuela saw this quote on his college wall:  

“The equal right of all citizens to health, education, work, food, security, culture, science, and wellbeing – that is, the same rights we proclaimed when we began our struggle, in addition to those which emerge from our dreams of justice and equality for all inhabitants of our world – is what I wish for all,” is the quote.

—Fidel Castro.

Sound familiar? Sure, it does. It’s the U.S. democratic platform.

Cuba, just like America, has blacked out the internet in Cuba so he could crackdown at whim; they have commanded neighbors to fight neighbors; and he sent special forces to forcibly remove people from their homes, to beat, arrest, kill.

We aren’t quite there yet, because WE still have guns.

Recently we watched as Hong Kong BEGGED for America to come to their rescue…why didn’t we? China. China’s released virus solved both Trump AND Hong Kong, didn’t it?

We also now watch as the Cubans BEG America to come to their rescue, and why won’t we? Russia.

We are ill equipped to fight either one of them.

Russia AND China have been busy building their influence in South America. What have WE been doing?


Russia reiterated this week its support for Latin American allies, mainly Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua given the standing “external threats,” stated Moscow’s defense minister General Sergey Shoigu who underlined the historic links with the three countries.

Nobody Wonders  WHY did we pick Vietnam to overthrow the communist, when we could have gone into Cuba to, if nothing else, keep Russia away from our shores? Why did our politicians decide to go into the middle East instead of shoring up democracy in South America?

And WHY invite all of South America to come to America and basically turn us into a communists/socialist’s country?

Nobody Wonders. What was in Afghanistan? Opium. What was in Vietnam? The same.

What was in the middle East? Oil.

Who benefited from those ‘resources’ but the elites? President Trump showed us how to be oil independent and stopped making the Saud’s rich.

We have spent billions protecting Europe from Russia, but we couldn’t spend a dime to protect our own selves from Russia taking over Cuba, and having that threat only a few hundred miles from our shores.  

Russia has Cuba. China has North Korea. Small countries to use as their attack dogs.

Nobody Remembers my classmates in Florida whose parents had brought them here to live a better life. The kids were always the smartest in all the classes, and the bravest.

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