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Remember, Jeff’s Parents Gave Him the Money to start Amazon…

Nobody Wonders.

Remember when Trump was running for President in 2016 and every bozo reporter reported that Trump got over a million dollars from his father to start his company? How come it was such a scandal with Trump, but not Bezos? Jeff’s parents gave him as much to start Amazon and yet I have not heard one reporter say a bad thing about that.

If you watched the launch of Jeff’s great orgasmic lift-off on TV you would have thought it was the greatest thing since Obama said he was running for President.

While everyone was saying it was such a great thing to witness, all I could think about was the day Obama put the last shuttle on a truck and rolled it into a museum. America ended it’s space program that day. From that day forward we had to pay Russia to take us up. Russia and China have been doing who knows WHAT in space, and President Trump started Space Force. He was trying to save and protect us. Obama was, as usual, leaving us defenseless. China and Russia use space for military attacks. And China does NOT want police on the ground, or our weapons in space.

America has NO clue..

Our media is hyping how WONDERFUL it is that our very rich playboys are funding rockets into space, but for what purpose? To make themselves richer. That’s it. Sorry. Bezos rocket to me was a kid with a lot of money, who will now sell the rich 10 minute trips into space. And if he can get that hotel made up there, he will be even richer.

As I watched this farce, I couldn’t help notice that Jeff had a Texas hat on, and thanked all the people who are now forced, and I say forced to buy from Amazon because OUR STORES ARE BEING SHUT DOWN FOREVER!!!

And then, to rub it in our faces more, Jeff gets off his plane and gives Van Jones, Obama’s communist buddy $100,000 and some other guy into food the same.

If you think Amazon, is NOT attached to the communist Obama you might want to think again.

Today, I got an election notice in the mail. We are being ask to VOTE to subsidize with our property taxes ALL students who want to go to the local community colleges, why does this bother me? Here’s how it starts:

****”For the purpose of updating career training programs to enable job growth in critical industries including healthcare, information technology, financial services, biotechnology, and manufacturing, providing safe and secure learning environments yada yada in other words, our property taxes now will go to fund all students and faculty at the local colleges. But, hey! We can vote on it!

In other words…Amazon has moved it’s headquarters right here to my little city, and built a huge complex on top of where the old Ford plant used to be, it’s right next to the airport and just feet away from Boeing. China people are moving here, and Jeff wants employees from the area, mostly blacks, but he wants the taxes of the poor people left here to pay for their education, AND the teachers salaries, AND future infrastructure of his complex as it grows. So, excuse me if I’m not impressed by the love of Bezos with the new Crony/capitalisms New World Order controlling the masses with communism at the bottom, giving the Bezos full “Get out of jail free” to put as many cardboard boxes into the oceans as possible. No wonder he was having a good time. Jealous you say? NO…just mad.

One guy said it well…he said, so you go to school, work hard, just so you can send your BOSS into space!

Zuckerberg’s going to have to get a cowboy hate and a rocket just to catch up.

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