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Wow, they Censored Nadia…Thanks a lot BLM

Nobody Wonders.

Today, Biles, the BLM talented BLACK American Olympic gymnastic wonder, quit the team Olympics team. I didn’t see it, I’ll watch it tonight, but I heard someone comment “It showed poor sportsmanship.”

She said she quit due to mental issues, pertaining to the sexual abuse by a team doctor from the LAST Olympic session in which she won gold. She missed a LOT of her landings this time, and so, if she was being abused THEN, why did she do so good, and what was this really about? Her ego? The sports casters have been making her a global sensation, calling her the best athlete of all time. Somewhat of an stretch, but when there is much money to be made in “woke” black and gay hero’s they really milk it.

Biles is great, no doubt about it, but I remember Nadia. Nadia may not have done as hard a routine, but she was SO graceful, so beautiful to just watch. She was perfection. Biles on the other hand is all muscle. Not much grace. It’s like watching two different animals. To be fair, you should not compare the two physics, they are so different from each other, but Nadia, was always…perfection. Biles, hasn’t gotten to that point yet. Maybe she’s just too old. Nadia didn’t go through the ‘woke’ worship before the Olympics. So, she didn’t have that “I’ve got to be superhuman” on her mind.

I watched the team during the first session, of course they didn’t show much of the other nations competitors, but Russia was leading in points. Her scores were bringing the team down, so…she quit. Or so…it was obvious in front of the whole world, she just was having a bad day. But her teammates were all doing good. They counted on her to be even better, but, she had already been anointed. Goodness knows how many company contracts were already signed.

Compare HER attitude to the men’s American team. They stayed in fifth place pretty much throughout the tournament, and yet, their spirits were high, and they put on a great performance. They seemed happy just to be there.

Not Biles. She looked pissed off a lot, and pretty much the diva. Girls can be so vicious. I’m sure there were some bad moments in the teams.

But it takes a true champion to NOT quit. The fact that she stayed to ‘cheer’ on the team, was being praised, but really, are we going to get an Oprah moment out of this? My friend said IF she had stayed, they WOULD have won the gold.


What happened? “Oh…there was a racist comment from …yada, yada…” We’ll see.

Anyway, Nobody remembers the moment Nadia scored the first perfect 10 in the Olymics.


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