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The Case to Resist the Public Enemies: Pelosi, Fauci, Rino’s, Schumer

Nobody Remembers’

As we watch Nancy Pelosi, and ‘President’ Biden go to full metal jacket tyranny on making vaccinations a mandatory edict, there is only one reason they would do so: To make us ALL obey the state. And in many cases, a vaccine which will cause many deaths. The reason they want EVERYONE vaccinated in the world, is because this vaccine was engineered in a lab, and is designed for one simple purpose: depopulation. The old and the sick have died first. After the massive vaccinations, there will be other deaths down the road. And if the unvaccinated remain healthy, well…there’s the proof of the crime.

It’s mass genocide. A “reset” plan from Davos, and being implemented through fraud, and propaganda, that Hitler would have thought magnificent. The master races are THEM. And they need serfs, and a working preferably black and brown minority to keep their planet for reserved for them and their families.

And our own Congress is helping this to become reality, with the help of China.

Everybody I know has gotten the vaccine. Most so that can feel like they are ‘saved’ and they themselves are saving lives. None of this is science, and none of this is Freedom, or American.

This country was founded on the principal that the people should rule. They SAY they won’t force the vaccinations, but if you can’t buy, or get on a plane, or stay in your job, that’s force. Already the vaccines are being forced all over the world.

Before the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams wrote this as a preliminary appeal to be used by the authorities of Massachusetts, BOSTON being the city under the most vicious attack. Massachusetts had the first Constitution in the United States, written by John Adams. It was a clear blueprint for the real one, but you won’t read that anywhere but David McCollough’s books.

During the early fighting, after helping establish the first Continental Congress and all the war efforts, John went back to Massachusetts where he was elected to the state councils there. He was still trying to get the people to join in breaking with England.

The original draft of this paper, in Mr. Adam’s handwriting, remains in the archives of Massachusetts. It was an earnest appeal to all classes to unite their exertions to maintain it.

To this Nobody…it could be written today against our own Government who now is trying to destroy and take away ALL our freedoms.

Read it, and see if you agree… (By the way, it’s only the first part of it.)

If you go by John Adams own words…and the rest of our founders…right now, right here, in 2021 we the people of the United States, and the rest of the world…



                             A PROCLAMATION

The frailty of human nature, the wants of individuals, and the numerous dangers which surround them through the course of life, have in all ages, and in every country, impelled them to form societies and establish governments.

               As the happiness of the people is the sole end of government, so the consent of the people is the only foundation of it, in reason, morality, and the natural fitness of things. And, therefore, every act of government, every exercise of sovereignty, against or without the consent of people, is injustice, usurpation, and tyranny.

It is a maxim, that in every government there must exist somewhere a supreme, sovereign, absolute, and uncontrollable power: but this power resides always in the body of the People: and it never was, or can be, delegated to one man or a few: The Great Creator having never given to men a right to vest others with authority over them unlimited either in duration or degree.

When Kings, ministers, governors, or legislators, therefore, instead of exercising the powers entrusted with them according to the principles, forms, and proportions stated by the constitution, and established  by the original compact, prostitute those powers to the purposes of oppression: to subvert, instead of supporting a free constitution: to destroy, instead of preserving the lives, liberties, and properties of the people: they ae no longer to be deemed magistrates vested with a scared character, but become public enemies, and ought to be resisted.  

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