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People of the World–RESIST

Nobody’s Opinion

We saw it start in Hong Kong, the protests started there. Why England who had control at one time, gave it up is beyond comprehension. But China wanted Hong Kong. Obviously, since Tiananmen Square left the China image in such tatters, China knew they couldn’t come in and shoot everyone, so they did the next best thing: They released a bio-weapon upon the world. That solved the Hong Kong problem, the Trump problem, and pretty soon, Taiwan will be their next target. Japan will go next. It seems they already control Australia, and if you read the comments from Canada, Canada also.

They have been calling it a pandemic. What it is: Is total war. War against freedom loving people in every country. China is going into full blown control, and they are using the globalists to do their bidding.

Only the globalists think THEY are in control. We’ll see won’t we?

America has a president who is doing EVERYTHING that Xi would love. Flooding the country with unknown drugs, criminals, and disease. Using Covid, they’ve already broken the economy. The military, our schools, our health care system, all being destroyed. A whole airport in Kabul is given to China. And Pfizer, with the help of the new NAZI general Fauci, is buying the military of Australia to lock and destroy THAT country. The Australians are now mustering a stand, but will, China win?

Clearly, China is taking over the West, with the help of our richest politicians and CEOs. Bought and sold.

Communism is being FORCED on Americans. FORCED on the world. So when I turned on my TV and saw a bunch of WHITE people standing outside of the first Broadway show to be seen in over two years, Aladdin, and raving about how they are ALL vaccinated and how wonderful the show was…it made me sick. These people have NO clue of freedom. No clue of their own ignorance. No clue of what destruction comes with the Covid plans of taking over the world…under a dictator’s heavy boot.

And so, good thing that America still has its guns.

The FUCK JOE BIDEN chant is reverberating throughout every stadium in America. Proving, that they can make you lose your job, your house, your life, but they can’t shut you up can they?

Remember, Sam Adams said it only took a small minority to light the fires of freedom. But, this nobody thinks there is more than a majority who are waking up to this despicable tyranny.

Looks to me, like the Western world has loved it’s freedom, and like America in 1776, it is NOT going silently. In a way, if they keep taking our jobs and our children, and our lives, things might get…going.

China wants a global takeover? Well then, we need a GLOBAL resistance.

Any ideas? Any Ayn Rand thoughts?

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