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Nobody’s Fool: We have TWO this week…

You have to wonder…how many men and women of the world think :We’ll be alright…just get the shot and shut up. This woman pretty much sums up half of the women in the world who are beside themselves with despair. Here in America, they’ve ask the FBI to look into mothers who are “terrorizing” the school boards for teaching their kids garbage and making them wear masks all day.

There has been many a day, I felt just like her.

How do you deal with so many fools? She certainly is NOT one.

And I couldn’t miss posting this excellent video by this blog’s most posted man, who gets right to the point with extreme sense and clarity: Paul Joseph Watson.

Here he explains why putting refugees up in a hotel is not exactly a great idea. More than once I have witnessed the Muslim women completely ignoring their bratty kids inside of stores, here in St. Louis.

Thanks to them both, for reminding us there is STILL sanity.

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  1. I have great sympathy for that lady. Oz has always been ‘the lucky country’. By sheer luck and good friends, as well as hardy buggers both convicts and marines at the start, we have forged a fine country, but of late we have ‘diluted’ our stock. Immigrants from non-anglo climes. The ‘she’ll be right’ attitude is still strong. It cuts in different ways. It is lazy. It is self-defeating. It is also heartening.

    Our nation is turning into a dobbers haven, with far too many succumbing to fear. Giving up. Turning on their fellows and coercing like good little nazis. Dare I say ‘feminised’ like the German women who watched to see which Jewish family would be picked up in the night, so they could sweep in the next morning and take their furniture and valuables.

    The ‘powers that be’ are not the big visible politicians, but the ‘appointees’ in the public service , unelected and previously faceless bureaucrats who appear on the TV every damned night spreading fear and making up rules on the fly.

    To that lady I say, BE NOT AFRAID. Stand tall. Others will fall to their knees around you, kow-towing to the police thugs and the ‘authorities’. Do not expect too much from weasels. Save the disappointment. Stand up. Speak out. If I go onto my knee it will be to God. Only God. I stand to the Queen. I scoff at the PTB.

    What can they do? Shoot me. Hah! Its a way to go, and quicker than many other ways.

    Civilisation changes. It rises. It falls. Whatever transpires over the next half a century will not be seen by me. I am an old fellow. It should be interesting. I was born in rubble in an obliterated city. I do not envisage dying in rubble, but hey, one never knows.


    Comment by Amfortas | October 5, 2021 | Reply

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