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Nobody’s Fool: Russell Brand

Here’s the good news: More and more outrageous corruption is being exposed and Youtube has yet to ban the video’s. So, once again, this Nobody is posting one man who is trying to expose with simple common sense and his own twist of humor, the many corrupt elites who rule our lives.

You have to KNOW what’s wrong to find the solution right? The main problem is: the system as Russell points out, is set up to protect them all.

Russell Brand proves every day that he is NOBODY’s FOOL. He doesn’t miss a beat.

Thanks Russell!

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  1. Some more measured, less hysterical , but more accurate views.


    Comment by Amfortas | October 12, 2021 | Reply

  2. So this brilliant chap was there praising Obama when he got elected, while I was not fooled as easily, and scoffed. He was there when Blair was elected and cheered that too, while I groaned. Russel Brand has a grand facility for gabbling but he does not impress me. He didn’t impress Rose (from Dr Who) either. Brand has turned radicalism on its head. He was all for lefty jeering of the ‘establishment’ and calling for the left to take over, yet now lamblasts the establishment of the left. And it has to be clear to blind Freddy that most if not all of the Corporate bigwigs are supporters of the left. Not because they are ‘left’ but because they are the establishment. So there is no real difference between Brand integrity and Corporate integrity: just opposite. Both quite changeable as suits.


    Comment by Amfortas | October 12, 2021 | Reply

    • Well, you learn something every day. I did not know that about him. So, is he truly conformed? Or just looking to make easy money?  I am new to his ‘thoughts’, but I do like what’s he’s putting out lately.  Yes, all of Wall Street is left. The bankers are left. The government politicians are left, it’s destroy and build it back better and full speed ahead!  The oligarchy now rules the world and has come out of hiding.  Rose? I grew up on Tom Baker’s Dr. Who, and made my son watch it. LOL. Cruel mother that I am. DOCTOR! DOCTOR! She was cute.  I wonder…is Tom Baker still alive? I met him once…he’s just as entertaining in person. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | October 12, 2021 | Reply

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