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Southwest Airlines: Pilots Stand

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By now, you may have heard, that the pilots of Southwest Airlines are banding together to fight the vaccine mandate.

Many years ago, I performed as a one woman show in the barroom of a local hotel called “Henry the VIII.” It really was beautiful on the outside, and it sat right on the edge of the airport at Lambert field.

 You could see the runways from its windows. And since it was close to the airport, many a night the pilots would all come in for their drinks. And there were two categories of pilots: The jet boys…the mavericks, the Top Guns, were always pretty drunk, and rowdy, fun to be sure, but Top Gun the movie doesn’t even come close to these guys and their antics. One night I was furious at one guy because he wouldn’t give me back my shoe. He wanted to drink out of it. The table of guys were having great fun watching this guy drink beer out of my red pump.

The shoe was very expensive and I knew he would ruin it, and he would not even pay for it. I was a single parent and had a young boy to support. One pair of shoes meant that I would be short for the week.

That shows…class. (Not) I was right. I walked out shoeless after the job.

And then there were the Southwest Pilot. They came in early. They did NOT drink. They were polite, clean, respectful, and they would sit quietly and listen to me sing. They were more disciplined than American pilots or any of the other carriers. They were just…the top. And they were in bed by 9 p.m.

Once in a while I would talk to them, and always thought, whenever I flew, I would fly Southwestern. They took their job seriously. And they were adamant about being fully in charge of their planes. I thought it was very rare to find such outstanding young men. I once asked them, and they said it was company policy. But it must have been that the company itself only picked out the best to fly their planes.

The jet pilots, on the other hand, acted many times as 16- year old’s.

So, it was no surprise to me to hear that the Southwest pilots were the first to come out and stand up for freedom.

Be sure to see this young man’s video.

For Biden to INSIST that people lose their jobs or get fired, is tyranny, and a crime worthy of Stalin’s worst.

They are mad, and so, cudo’s to this pilot. Let’s hope they inspire more to come.

If you haven’t seen it, be sure not to miss it.

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  1. If this doesn’t qualify as the ‘Mark of the Beast’, then what the heck will the real Beast’s Mark be like? No-one mentioned where this Beast and its Mark would come from, but this ‘mandate’ seems to be emerging everywhere.

    People must take a stand against it, but be mindful that those who have been vaccinated will be against them as well as their masters.

    Hang on to your shoes.


    Comment by Amfortas | October 12, 2021 | Reply

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