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Remember: You Paid for it…

Wasn’t this guy in that AWFUL group, Peter, Paul and Mary? Here he is, singing Puff the Majic Vaccine, just take it and you will die…”

Wait, that’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” we will all be vaccinated, because if you DON’T get vaccinated, they will come for you. You jew. You…killer of people, you…freedom lover., no you SELFISH freedom lover….

This man should be in jail with Dr. Fauci, except, if you judge him by his singing, he really IS that stupid.

Latest VAERS estimate: 388,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines.

And according to Doctor Malone, if you give it to your kids, their internal organs will be affected. Is that why we are seeing so many babies being born deaf?

Let’s not even go to the fact that your immune system will be destroyed. And heart problems, are already being reported worldwide: record numbers of vaccinated people dying.

But calm down folks. Maybe YOU will survive! At least until you get cancer. You might as well play Russian Roulette with one bullet in the chamber.

If you buy this lie, then ask yourself: Have they found a cure for the common cold? NO.

The flu? NO.

No, You will HAVE to get the vaccine forever until you die.

And Nobody Knows, how this dweeb thinks his little stupid song will convince anybody, except his mother, who no doubt is 122 and drinks aborted baby blood to keep young.

Nobody Knows how many people can watch this twice.

I’m not that brave.

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  1. Vee heff vayz of makink you go insane. Ve shall eeffen zing it.


    Comment by Amfortas | December 15, 2021 | Reply

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