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I am posting this video for a friend of mine. Both her husband and her son have Covid. Her husband recently has been in the hospital for dialysis. His case is not so bad, even though, he likes to drink. No doubt he caught Covid while in the hospital.

Her son, who is over 40, has a pretty bad case of Covid, and the doctors sent him home and told him to take over the counter medication.

“Get some Ivermectin” I told her.

She had no idea what that was.

So, this JOE (her son’s name is Joe) had Covid, took Ivermectin, and got attacked by CNN saying it was horse drugs. It cured him within days. It made me realize just how many people have NO CLUE that Covid can be cured, with the right therapy. Unfortunately, the hospitals are NOT being allowed to give Ivermectin, which is…insanity.

So, if my friend Kris is seeing this…hopefully it will help her.

By the way, BOTH her husband and son had received two vaccinations, and STILL got sick.

Nobody Hopes they both get well and soon, and that this video will explain how.

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