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Nobody’s Fool: Joe Manchin…Setting Himself Up for Presidential Run?

Nobody’s Fool

This week’s award goes to Senator Manchin, who made his big announcement about killing the BBB bill on Fox. All the conservatives are sooooooo thankful to him. As we all should be…BUT….

Whenever something comes down to the ONE VOTE, I always suspect a setup. And it’s hard not to see one here.

First: Watch Bret’s face as he says “NO.”, Bret looked a bit mad did he not? This means, that Joe, has been holding out for the BIG prize…how many want to bet he’s going to run against Trump in 2024? By destroying this bill, he comes out a hero to many.

The candidate for the Rino’s has already been picked and it seems to be Pence. Pence and his wife were down at the tornado mess in Kentucky, moving tree limbs. They will continue destroying Trump and his supporters all the way to the election. They figure they can do something to get him out. We just don’t yet what that is.

IF you listen to this rant, it’s the old democratic party line he treads carefully, and a lot of talk about the economy. That’s Trumps strongpoint. Any democratic candidate has to beat Trump on that. And Joe has that softspoken southern appeal…which has fooled many people in the past. Jimmy Carter comes to mind.

And yet, he believes in mandatory vaccines for all government employees…which shows you he is still on the global network of tyranny.

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