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Nobody Wonders WHY Trump Is Saying the Vaccine is Safe, when the Inventor says it’s NOT.

Nobody Wonders

President Trump is playing a risk card here: He spent months claiming that the election was stolen, and if not for the My Pillow Guy, who put millions of his own money into proving the election was stolen, Trump’s ranting on and on about it, would not be as strong. He has not been the one articulating the best defense, he let others do it.

BUT…enough evidence has come out as to the fact that it WAS stolen, in a few key states, and with a very well-planned attack by Zuckerberg and the democratic machine, that most of us are wondering how many years our elections may have all been rigged? San Franscisco is worse than many slums in India, and YET Pelosi keeps getting elected? REALLY? And Biden is now being run by Obama’s old team. So, logic tells us, Obama is still running the place. Trump doesn’t say much about that either. He is really careful not to say anything too…insinuating.

By the video above, we see he is becoming more the politicians every day.

And now, the vaccine, which is he claims “I did the best thing ever done by getting this on the market.” Sounding like the typical lines he says about all his accomplishments. As you see in the video above, he shushes a crowd who boos him about the booster shots and says it’s just a small crowd.

But…is it? No. It’s not. It’s a rather BIG crowd. I don’t believe the stats at all. Robert Malone, the inventor of the protein spike that’s in this…NOT VACCINE…has been warning the public of what it will actually do. As the video I posted some time ago, it was invented to ‘cull the population’ and it will do that by destroying the very immune cells within the body, which will open you up to other sicknesses.

CASE IN POINT: Too many people are dying, and not just from the virus. It’s the vaccine that is pushing the damage.

In my family, my sister-in-law got very sick…and was told she had horrible news about her liver. Her brother, who has always had a bad heart, died at the age of 47. Her mother just died. All of a sudden, whatever condition you have, is made worse.

What do they have in common?


I have a friend who recently told me her husband and her son both came down with Covid. Her son got very sick…sicker than her husband. But just over the weekend, the husband couldn’t walk. They couldn’t get into a hospital. Too full they were told. He had been on kidney dialysis this year, so obviously it got worse. She is considering putting him into a nursing home.

Another guy who works with my husband was distressed because they wouldn’t let him into see his mother who was very sick. They told him that it was too crowded, but when he finally got up to see her, he found the whole ward empty.

Have they been lying to us about the overcrowded hospitals? Or have that many doctors and nurses refused to take the vaccine, therefore, are “fired.” Is this like the airline’s cancelation?

And that’s the point, isn’t it? NOBODY should be fired for not taking a vaccine. That’s tyranny. That’s worse than King George telling the Americans they must pay more for their tea.

And yet, MILLIONS of Americans are losing their jobs because they refuse to take the chance.

President Trump might think that he’s SO popular, because millions have stood in line for him, and Biden is so bad, that taking credit for the vaccine is just something everyone will get over.

What he hasn’t gotten the message of, is EVEN if the mainstream media is all gaga over the vaccine, and he keeps saying how it’s great: people all over the world are watching their loved ones DIE, after they get the vaccine or the booster.

Here’s his problem. He may think that once again, the masses will choose between the lesser of two evils, OR he knows, much like Biden knew, that he WILL be President again because the ‘deep state’ made him a deal. They can rig it again, but his time in his favor.

Go along with the vaccine, or else you will not get into the White House again.

Nobody Wonders if the man we all loved as President, will come to his senses and realize that it’s hypocritical to claim to want to make America great again, when it’s clear, by the time 2024 comes around, it will be gone. And who will get the blame?

Why, Donald J. Trump, of course.

This nobody hopes in her heart, that he knows what he is doing.

Nobody Wins when you lose faith in just about every politician that ever lived:

And that INCLUDES…the unelected ones like Fauci and Bill Gates. And our most favorite: Donald P. Trump.

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  1. “”That’s worse than King George telling the Americans they must pay more for their tea.””

    The King did not tell Americans any such thing. He asked the ship-owners and the plantation owners – the oligarchs of the day – to pay 2c on their exports, to help defray the costs of the Royal Navy that was protecting the ships and the tea on the high seas, from the French. The Oligarchs then did as todays do: they conspired, traitorously, with the enemy, to steal from the people. Only when they ‘won’ against a Britain that had no wish to fight in the first place, did the new Administration tax the American people, all of them: 6c to pay for the same British Royal Navy to protect the oligarchs’ goods and ships from the same French. Things never looked up, although the self-aggrandizing myths doubled.


    Comment by Amfortas | December 28, 2021 | Reply

    • Well, Sam blamed King George.  So, Sam Adams should be on your list of deplorable Americans. He pretty much walked around and was a regular shit disturber.  Nobody knows the “lies” he must have told, to get them all into throwing the tea off the boats. Bottom line: wars are expensive. Sooner or later, somebody has to pay for them, and it’s usually the poor. News back in those days, traveled VERY slow. If you are right, Americans were pretty well fed up by the time the tea was taxed. And lies are always used to start wars are they not?  I hear France and Britain are at it again? Pretty soon, the Irish will jump in.  On another note, is Australia getting any better? Things are getting worse here.  You are welcome to Fauci. China pretty much is taking over everything….but not the Queen.  The Royal house will survive.  Maybe you should move BACK? 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | December 28, 2021 | Reply

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