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Daddy’s Little Girl….

My internet was out all day yesterday, we had one of those “weird” storms.

So, finally this morning I saw this….must be getting bad when your Daddy has to come out and claim that Trump is the enemy of the planet.

More like the enemy of you losing your vast fortunes by staging endless foreign wars. Speaking of the Constitution, George Washington warned Americans of the VERY thing you are always involving us in.

Guess you didn’t know about that do you Dick?

And anybody who thinks that statement is true, seriously needs to remind themselves that THIS man who has been in charge of most everything and in every administration for DECADES, and is one of the main reasons we lost so many trillions of dollars and millions of deaths (on both sides) in the Iraq/Afganistan wars, and WHY China now is dominating the world, and being allowed to come in and take us over.

You want to blame the fall of the republic on somebody? I’d say, this man had a lot to do with our current situation.

Eisenhower warned us about you. (Beward of the Military Industrial Complex.)

And this ad proves that his daughter NEEDS to win her state. And they NEED the votes of Wyoming. So, that’s a GOOD sign at least.

Things must be pretty bad when Dad has to come save you.

I say, Get out of Dodge DICK, and send your own daughter to fight in a foreign country on the front lines. Iran? Go ahead, show us how BRAVE she is.

After all, President Trump went to North Korea and stepped over the lines to shake hands with a ruthless maniac. That took courage.

Did you OR your Daughter do that? Would either one of you do that?

Oh, and just in case you weren’t paying attention?

Trump won. Biden didn’t. Yeah, Everybody knows it.

You lost. And you might think your ‘word’ is still good in America? Spent too much time in the White House Bunker did we? Get off the phone with George. Get a life.

I’d say, Bush’s farm in Paraguay might need a new Defense Secretary. Go for it. And take Liz with you.

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  1. This shows how stupid the elite think the people are, if he was really a cowboy hat wearer , at his age, it would be a well worn one. Not the new never been worn before hat they stuffed him in. How many people will be dumb enough to believe the manure he is shoveling? I guess Joseph Goebbels would be very happy how our main steam media is on the lies the put out on an hourly basis.


    Comment by Tim | August 5, 2022 | Reply

    • Right. The Cowboy hat gave him away. I bet it’s the first time he’s ever worn one. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | August 5, 2022 | Reply

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