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Daddy’s Little Girl….

My internet was out all day yesterday, we had one of those “weird” storms.

So, finally this morning I saw this….must be getting bad when your Daddy has to come out and claim that Trump is the enemy of the planet.

More like the enemy of you losing your vast fortunes by staging endless foreign wars. Speaking of the Constitution, George Washington warned Americans of the VERY thing you are always involving us in.

Guess you didn’t know about that do you Dick?

And anybody who thinks that statement is true, seriously needs to remind themselves that THIS man who has been in charge of most everything and in every administration for DECADES, and is one of the main reasons we lost so many trillions of dollars and millions of deaths (on both sides) in the Iraq/Afganistan wars, and WHY China now is dominating the world, and being allowed to come in and take us over.

You want to blame the fall of the republic on somebody? I’d say, this man had a lot to do with our current situation.

Eisenhower warned us about you. (Beward of the Military Industrial Complex.)

And this ad proves that his daughter NEEDS to win her state. And they NEED the votes of Wyoming. So, that’s a GOOD sign at least.

Things must be pretty bad when Dad has to come save you.

I say, Get out of Dodge DICK, and send your own daughter to fight in a foreign country on the front lines. Iran? Go ahead, show us how BRAVE she is.

After all, President Trump went to North Korea and stepped over the lines to shake hands with a ruthless maniac. That took courage.

Did you OR your Daughter do that? Would either one of you do that?

Oh, and just in case you weren’t paying attention?

Trump won. Biden didn’t. Yeah, Everybody knows it.

You lost. And you might think your ‘word’ is still good in America? Spent too much time in the White House Bunker did we? Get off the phone with George. Get a life.

I’d say, Bush’s farm in Paraguay might need a new Defense Secretary. Go for it. And take Liz with you.

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Dick Cheney & Leon Panetta…Deep State Best Buds?

Nobody Wonders

Did anybody else on this planet see what I saw this morning on C-Span?

The Deep State was tearing its clothes off…naked, no longer invisible…it was the MOST amazing thing I had ever seen. Not to mention, pretty ugly.

I just happened to flip by the channel while I was waking up to two of the biggest political rivals in my lifetime:

Dick Cheney and Leon Panetta. These two men have been on the opposite sites of political parties and in the Washington D.C. establishment for so long, that no doubt, their very shoe marks are embedded in the halls of the White House, and every little kid that sees the footprints think somebody messed up the marble floors. No matter who or what party was in office, these two men manage to get the most powerful behind-the-scenes jobs on the planet.

Go ahead and WIKI them.

Most would admit, they helped run the world. Recently, it was Leon who was colluding with Russia, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, and he has always been right there to get Hillary out of any jam.
Dick served the GOP all his life and ended up as VP to President George W. Bush, after having worked with his daddy for so many years.

Leon Panetta, was Hillary’s most confidante adviser and Lawyer and BOTH men headed the Defense Department and the CIA. And they both started out as Congressmen, of different parties.

But today, on C-Span, they were best buddies, out to save the world, from President Donald J. Trump.

Their faces were grave with concern. With each statement: Hunched over Dick would endorse Leon, and hunched over Leon would fawn over and agree with Dick.

Both were worried that the “Nationalists” were going to take over the planet. Leon even went so far as to repeat the old, “It’s just like in the 1930s in Germany when Hitler came to power.”

(Right. Americans are going to start running around the streets beating up democrats. Doing a Bill Clinton and dragging the little Hispanic kids out of their homes in the middle of the night! OMG!)

Both men admitted that the immigration in Europe got a bit out of hand, but hey, no problem there. The REAL problem was that NATO might be dismantled.

Dick went so far as to say that NATO was the greatest thing ever invented and that it was AMERICA’s duty to save the world basically.

Yes, it was our duty. Ever since WWII it’s ALWAYS been our duty. (And our money. Not theirs of course.)
The deep state has some new Orwellian speech going on too: “We must preserve our values.” How many dweebs have you heard SAY That in the last few days?

Do not forget that what they mean by that, is that we keep on funding the world and making wars, and most importantly, making sure the same people stay in power. They never really SAY what those values are…you might actually think about it.

Get used to hearing that from every RINO, every liberal. Every deep state old crony that has been spending us, taxing us, controlling us, spying on us, for too many years. They do NOT want to give up the vast spider network that they’ve worked all their lives to implement.

Behind our backs. On our backs. With no regard to us….but HEY..YOU GOT WALMART!

Gee thanks.

I couldn’t believe these two guys were such good buds, and both were so desperate as to go on to C-Span to try to convince us that, “Make America Great Again” is against ALL of ‘our’ values.

Not ours of course.


Clearly, despite what you hear on the news, they are afraid of our President. After all, these men both worked many years making the Presidency so strong, the Congress was just there to do photo ops. They want control in just ONE guy. Trust me. That’s why Congress never gets anything done.

Have you noticed?

In the end they both assured us all that THEIR children have taken their old Congressional Seats in the House. Gay Liz Cheney and Jimmy Panetta.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney appeared at the Capitol on Tuesday for the swearing-in of his daughter, Liz Cheney, who was elected to the Wyoming congressional seat he once occupied.

Jimmy Panetta, a former Monterey County Deputy District Attorney, who won election to the U.S. House of Representatives for California’s 20th congressional district (born-1 October 1969).

Must be nice to be able to place your kids in your old jobs.

So, while I really didn’t want to think this, Nobody Wonders if it’s not true: There really HAS been just one party ruling the country, and they just trade places every eight years…keeping it all in the family. Global One World Government is their game.

Donald Trump was NOT supposed to come along and say: HEY…this country belongs to the American people…not YOURS to play with.

I wish I could tell you that I was not surprised about this clarion call from two Deep State, and we might even add…treasonous criminals the both of them.

But..I was. Clearly, staying OUT of the eye of the media has served their clear support to the New World Order well.

Nobody Now Wonders after seeing these two today: How really deep does the deep state go?

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Nobody’s Perfect: Dick Cheney VS Rahm Emanuel

Nobody’s Perfect

Last week, we had two politicians spout off about two different subjects. First up: Dick Cheney.

 Cheney was talking about picking Vice Presidents, something he has done himself for both Presidents Nixon and Ford. He has also been a Vice President himself and at the seat of power just about as long as GOD…and in his opinion, Sarah Palin was…an amateur. John McCain picked the wrong running mate.

“The test ... has to be, ‘Is this person capable of being president of the United States?’

“I like Governor Palin,” Cheney said of the former Alaska governor. “I’ve met her. I know her. ...Attractive candidate. But based on her background, she’d only been governor for, what, two years. I don’t think she passed that test ... of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake.”

Well…Nobody Thinks that Dick Cheney has shown that all the experience he brought to the table has not exactly left the country in the best of positions. The reason Barack Obama got into office so easily is because he promised ‘change’ …and that was ‘change’ from the Bush and Cheney Rockefeller “no isolation” Dynasty.

Sarah Palin actually saved the Republicans from total embarrassment, and they know it. She came out and connected with the people. John McCain was “experienced” but what good is experience when it made John a liberal on WAY too many subjects? Prostitutes are experienced but would you trust them to rasie your kids?

When Obama talks about the “old boys club” many of us wince, because there is a ring of truth to it. The old boys club has done so badly, a communist just slipped right in. While the Marxists took over the Democrats, the Global Corporate took over the Republicans. There was no party ‘for the people’ anymore, and that’s why everyone loved her.  

They should have Sarah Palin at the Republican convention, but the Bush family do not want her anywhere near it.

We’ll see how smart they are.

Then there was the Godfather of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, who had this to say when he found out that the Chick-fil-A’s owner believes in old fashioned marriage between a man and a woman, a view he shares with over 70 percent of the people.  

Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago said, of his efforts to block the food chain, “Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members.”

Respectful? Uh..Gays can eat chicken. He never said they can’t eat at his store.

 Rahm might as well have said he doesn’t want any “Jews” in his city.

The Mayor of Chicago just discriminated against a legitimate business, with his OWN opinions, causing it millions of dollars worth of business.

Hitler would be proud. Why don’t you just paint a “star” on those store windows Rahm?

Rahm has no room to talk. Chicago has the highest rate of murders for any city…in the WORLD. More than Mexico City…and Rahm welcomes all Muslims into Chicago, Muslims who hate “gays”..including that lovable Obama mentor, Louis Farrakhan.

So…who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

Nazi Boy, Rahm Emanuel….Sarah Palin can take care of herself.

Meanwhile..if you can’t find your delicious Chick -fil- A fix next time you’re in Chicago, take the wife and kids to the nearest strip bar. Chicago has a lot of those. Maybe they will serve you a few chicken strips between Bunny’s Fan Dance and Divita’s Disco Bump.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Dick Cheney VS Katie Troyer

Nobody’s Perfect

Last week, the nation was in shock: Dick Cheney, received a heart transplant without the express permission of the Obamacare panel of “moral and ethical” doctors of death. Liberals were beside themselves at Cheney’s draconian example of wanting to selfishly live a few more years rather than get off the planet and make room for all the illegals that we need to make room for. Also, if Obama is NOT reelected, the chances that Dick Cheney could make a comeback and become bigger than life itself…even bigger than Darth Vadar, has them running to the Supreme Court.  This transplant could add another…heaven forbed…ten years to his life! Dick Cheney’s body, imperfect after five heart attacks, will now, be more perfect for the young old age of 71.

On the other hand, here we see widow Katie Troyer, from Muddy Pond, Tennessee. She has not had any heart attacks, and being the Amish women that she is, she sings us a song she learned from her Swiss Father, and personally, I think it would be very unethical to put Ms. Katie under Obamacare, because I don’t think there is anyone in the world who can Yodel like an old stereo 75rpm going running out of juice. She can yodel, as you will see, in at least 18 different keys.

These are the decisions that the Obamacare death panels will have to make: Do we keep Dick Cheney alive? Or do we deny health care to the wonderfully entertaining Katie Troyer? Nobody but God and his doctor should have to make that choice.

None of us are perfect: But Katie is proof that even at 90, you still can make great contributions to the human race, by yodeling all over the state of Tennessee, and Dick Cheney can go on doing his job of driving liberals insane.  To deny either one of these great ‘old’ people healthcare would be nothing short of…Satanic.

(Nobody Wonders If Katie needs another daughter, I’m up for adoption.)

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