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Nobody’s Perfect: Dick Cheney VS Katie Troyer

Nobody’s Perfect

Last week, the nation was in shock: Dick Cheney, received a heart transplant without the express permission of the Obamacare panel of “moral and ethical” doctors of death. Liberals were beside themselves at Cheney’s draconian example of wanting to selfishly live a few more years rather than get off the planet and make room for all the illegals that we need to make room for. Also, if Obama is NOT reelected, the chances that Dick Cheney could make a comeback and become bigger than life itself…even bigger than Darth Vadar, has them running to the Supreme Court.  This transplant could add another…heaven forbed…ten years to his life! Dick Cheney’s body, imperfect after five heart attacks, will now, be more perfect for the young old age of 71.

On the other hand, here we see widow Katie Troyer, from Muddy Pond, Tennessee. She has not had any heart attacks, and being the Amish women that she is, she sings us a song she learned from her Swiss Father, and personally, I think it would be very unethical to put Ms. Katie under Obamacare, because I don’t think there is anyone in the world who can Yodel like an old stereo 75rpm going running out of juice. She can yodel, as you will see, in at least 18 different keys.

These are the decisions that the Obamacare death panels will have to make: Do we keep Dick Cheney alive? Or do we deny health care to the wonderfully entertaining Katie Troyer? Nobody but God and his doctor should have to make that choice.

None of us are perfect: But Katie is proof that even at 90, you still can make great contributions to the human race, by yodeling all over the state of Tennessee, and Dick Cheney can go on doing his job of driving liberals insane.  To deny either one of these great ‘old’ people healthcare would be nothing short of…Satanic.

(Nobody Wonders If Katie needs another daughter, I’m up for adoption.)

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  1. Good thing he got his xplant before the ObamaCare Death Panels kicked in!


    Comment by Dandapani (@Dandapani) | March 27, 2012 | Reply

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