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2024: Presidential Titanic?

Nobody Knows—

Who’s getting in the GOP 2024 Presidential race?

According to the ‘headlines’ on the networks today, and the upcoming 2024 Presidential race…the candidates are starting to jump in.

As of today, this is what it looks like.

Nikki Haley has decided to run against Trump for President. She is a BIG Neo-Con, with a seat on the board of Boeing, and Kari Lake makes her look like the spoiled meat loaf I left in the fridge from last year. Moldy, and dangerous. Also, moldy and dangerous is the other BUSH guy, Mike Pompeo. (Why do I say Bush you might ask?) War. All RINOS lead to war. (So do all DEMS)

Already Mike is saying we need to build up the military because we WILL be going to war with China. Nevermind that China is doing a good job of destroying our country and moving in without firing a shot.

Joe Biden’s generous gift of giving billions of our best military hardware to Iraq and Ukraine has made a lot of money for the military industrial complex. Not to mention all that he has done for China. WWIII would stop Trump from getting back into the Office again…OMG…he just said he would build a shield to protect the United States against missiles like WE pay the Jews to protect Israel.

After all their hard work of trying to keep up that war with Russia? NO WAY!

This means, the Bushes and the RINOS will once again have to start a BIGGER war threat to get either Nikki or Mike to win, which you can bet they will before 2024.

We ALL know we can’t just blame the Bushes for the U.S. wars that we never win. There are too many polticians that helped out.

Then there’s DeSantis.

President Trump laid out his attacks against DeSantis who is ALSO on the Neo-con page backed by the RINO’s big Bush money.  Pence will probably run too, just to gather the biggest, and whom THEY think will be the most ‘intellingent’ voices in the debates. That is, if they even HAVE debates. We don’t have fair elections anymore so I think having a debate would be a big mistake for these idiots. Trump would dominate them, like he did before.

Nevertheless, they probably will cheat again at the elections…all the machines are still in place. And nobody in our uniparty Congress would touch those machines even with a ten foot pole, try a sewing needle:

“Nope, not going to touch that subject. Nope.”

DeSantis refuted Trump, with the big “Hey, I WON in Florida!” Not mentioning that Trump held TWO big giant rallies for him before his Florida election: One in Orlando and one in Miami. Trump brought a crowd of THOUSANDS. Ron couldn’t have done that. DeSantis is going to have a hard time defending himself…as time goes by. Trump pushed him over the line, and he’s right about that, not to mention, the Bushes still had a lot of pull in the Florida apparatus, which has helped him.

I’m sure that’s not the only ones we will see. After all, in 2016 there were how many? Lots.

But Trump is going to need a strong V.P.

Nobody Knows, but Nobody Thinks, Kari Lake would make an excellent VP. She can do that if she doesn’t get the Supreme Court on her side to be governor of Arizona. Which, if Roberts is still on the Bush team, she MIGHT win, just to keep her out of Trump’s VP slot.

Nevertheless, if they are running against Michelle Obama and THAT crowd gets Oprah and all their black friends on board, they might make the mistake of overplaying that race card. It’s not only the whites that are getting tired of that game…the blacks are getting tired of the ‘game’ too. They know it’s about to run out.

After all, THIS time, the bloggers won’t be so nice. It would be Obama’s 4th term.

We will have to go into FULL ATTACK blog mode, and hopefully, Elon will help.

Just saying.

Yeah, I’m just saying this in case America is STILL here by 2024. As Rush would say, it’s too far away, but that doesn’t stop them from making us listen to BS propaganda for two more years.

I don’t know if I could stand it. Even my popcorn, is starting to go down like the Titanic.

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